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Sharia law. The scariest new word of 21st-century American media. A quick google search will expose tons and tons of articles about how this law code is something Muslim and scary, and apparently rural cities in the United States really need to ban it.
So, what is it? Is this Islamic law code really the boogeyman we think it is? Let’s take a dip into Sharia, the Islamic legal system.

Special Thanks to Omar Eid for Arabic pronunciations!
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  1. In my opinion, this is the main problem with Islam. This religion is tied with goverment, and if history has taught us something is that govevement and religion make a bad mix. Most christians don't mind having a secular goverment, that is the reason only countries with a christian background had allowed gay marriages. But muslims wouldn't tolerate a secular goverment in their countries. This hinders social progress and hurts minorities.

  2. Wait–this description seems very sunni-focused. What about countries like modern Iran? You didn't mention them on the list of countries with sharia law. I must admit that I know little about their actual government system….

  3. Happy birthday!
    I liked your video. However, I would suggest to not play with the closeups. It's not bad to have closeups, but they're meant to convey some kind of information, like emphasis, or a humoristic tone. But I felt your closeups were random.
    Nevertheless, good job summarizing this complex topic. And happy birthday again!!

  4. Hey man, excellent video. Really enjoyed sitting through this one and learning about this stuff.

    That being said, and I hate to critique you on this, but maybe put on a more cleaner and less wrinkly shirt? It just seems so out of place and i can't help but get distracted at it. Hope you don't take this too hard!

    you da best

  5. I know enough sahih al-bukhari and sahih muslim hadiths that do fuel terrorism, implying that terrorism only comes from invalid hadiths is such an easy excuse.

    If you want a commentary on this by an arab (i.e. who can read the quran in arab) ex muslim that once studied islam as a believer I recommend watching the Masked Arab's youtube series about Isis and Islam, where he researches when they act justifiably within islamic law.

    Edit: happy birthday btw!

  6. I've been watching your videos for awhile and when I saw this pop up I thought, 'finally, someone who will explain this to me with as little bias as possible.' I still intensely disagree with those who are trying to bring Sharia law into Canada and America but it's always good to learn more about these things.

  7. Happy birthday!
    Also I agree. Talk to a real life muslim. They’re pretty knowledgeable about their religion. A girl I know, who is a Syrian refugee, said that yeah isis is not following sharia law. So yes. Please stop listening to incendiary newscasters and have some empathy


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