WHAT IS THIS INTEGRAL?! Ripping a trigy bois integral hole wide open :v - Videos


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A message from the guy who sent me this to his buddy:

“I’m so happy that I wanted to abuse it a bit and ask for a mention

nobody believed when I said you would help me

tries to say: “my Brazilian fan, Guilherme, sent me this integral via Twitter and he said that Benevides is gay”

sorry hahahah


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  1. When you got rid of the square root, you chose to put i in front, but -i would have worked as well. Is this one of the technicalities that no one cares about when tackling indefinite integrals? Like the sign of tan(2x)?

  2. Hey, you are tough dude. Although intergral expression was clear, I had enjoyed to watch your explanation, particularly transmission of your emotion and funny movement wondered. Good job))) By the way, who is that guy who dared to give dislike???

  3. I couldn't watch the differential equation videos because I had this fucked up exam we have every 3 years it's basically getting you ready for the SAT, why an I telling you this?

  4. I like differential equations, I saw them in superficial level in my second semester, you know, supposing is an exponential function multiplied by a power of t, integrating factor, Frobenius, Laplace transforms, homogeneous and not homogeneous, in one variable, and only homogeneous by integrating factor in multiple variables. But I plan on taking a course full on differential equations next semester, together with a detailed view on complex variables. I would like to see some physical problems being modeled and solved by differential equations.
    I would really like to see a more detailed video like the the differential equations ones on complex analysis, I don't quite understand the integration on the videos you used it… I just accept what you do…
    P. S. : I have been watching all of your videos since black pen red pen first recommended you. Of course I watched and really enjoyed the differential equations ones.


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