Why Students Have Not Registered For JEE Advanced 2018 | Reason is Shocking - Videos


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This year total 2 Lakh 40 Thousand students qualified for JEE Advanced 2018 but only 1 lakh 60 thousand+ registered for JEE advanced. Last year also only 21% qualified students have not registered for JEE Advanced 2017 but these year 32% have not registered for JEE Advanced 2018.

In this video we will discuss why so many students have not registered for JEE Advanced and what are the possible reason behind it.
All the best to all students who have registered for JEE Advanced 2018.

Do Your Best !

Why Students Have Not Registered JEE Advanced 2018 | Reason is Shocking



  1. It's not about that they can't clear jee advance the main think is that cbse is playing with our carrer nd it's one of the best decision that from next year cbse will not conduct any of the competitive exam ….. If the same would have been happened"toh sir abhi toh bs 32% bacho ne nhi bhara wo time bhi dhoor nhi jb 32 se 50 ho janna h "

  2. Dude, you didn't include the biggest reason?

    The reason why most of the students as well as parents think that it isn't worth. 7k mey aap dekhlo toh 3-4k bache kota ke hi rehte hai.. It makes an impression on the other students who don't study in kota that, "bhai hamara toh nhi hoga…" The institutes teach the "trending" questions patterns which come in the exam. And if your institution is not that good enough, you're going to struggle in it. This thing demotivates the students who are actually bright that some of the students(no matter of what calibre), just because of joining a prestigious institute, knows what kind of questions will come in the exam.. And those bright students, they need to improvise at that moment to score.

    Bhai agar IITs ko sahi mey intellectual basis pe students chaiye naa, then they should make every content of JEE syllabus online so that everyone can access it. And let student's dedication and hardwork decide the ranks.

    But, ain't gonna happen right? As in India, many of the bigwigs of education think that "Education is the best business!"

  3. Can u help me??~ I have filled jee advanced form .

    First time I make payment of form it's was not successful .
    I again tried again found not successful.

    But both times debited my balance from sbi account.
    I mailed iit advance kanpur but not respond me.
    How can refund my second payment amount

  4. Reason : Engineering craze is decreasing , and those who have given JEE mains ; 45% of them will not pursue engineering ! And engineering seats are decreased and also many collages are getting closed


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