Widow Who Built A Mansion Full Of Trap Doors Had An Alarming Explanation What was going on here? - Videos


Widow Who Built A Mansion Full Of Trap Doors And Secret Passageways Had An Alarming Explanation What was really going on here?
The Winchester House in San Jose, California, is no ordinary home. Whispers seem to come from the walls, staircases lead nowhere, doors open to nothing, and a groundskeeper roams the property doing work that is never done.
Despite the Winchester Mystery House’s cheerful appearance, this massive California mansion’s history is edged with a tale of violence, grief, madness, and guilt. Find out what exactly is inside one of the most haunted houses in America…
Sarah Winchester was a New England debutante who was possessed with brilliance, a child prodigy whose portfolio of talents stretched from literature, music, to languages. In Connecticut high society, she swiftly earned the title of “Belle of New Haven”.

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  1. I don't believe in ghosts, but I still wouldn't go in this house because of how structurally unsafe it is. Trap doors, stairs that lead to nowhere, and only three exits in a huge house. The house should be condemned for safety violations.

  2. Yeah, thought so, that house is famous. I've heard about that house decades ago. Without watching the video I'm going to state why she did what she did. See if my memory serves. She kept adding on to her house to keep the spirits at bay, something to the order that she felt guilty about the Winchester fortune being made on weapons. Though that may have been the result of some sort of dementia.

  3. Enslaved by superstition was that woman Sarah Winchester, that is, if this video's report on her deeds & reasons for her deeds, etc, is accurate.
    Or, I should rather say, enslaved by the ones who manufactured her superstitions, namely Satan & other demons.

  4. Couldn't help but think of the similarity of this spirits-overflown Sarah Winchester & Hillary Rodham Clinton, thinking especially on Clinton's husband Bill Clinton standing at a podium & saying that Hillary wanted him to remind his audience that she Hillary communes with the spirit of the long-dead Eleanor Roosevelt frequently & this Hillary called him to remind him to tell as she was flying back from Peru while "secretary of state." I wonder what other such occultic rituals Hillary has engaged in over the years & yet practices?

  5. The Winchester Mystery House is a cool place to visit simply for it's architecture and the strangeness of its interior design whether you believe in spirits/ghosts or not. It's a really cool piece of history that I wish could have been restored after the earthquake that destroyed some of the top floors. Hearst Castle is also another GORGEOUS place to visit if you ever get the chance! Their Christmas tours are even cooler because they hire actors to dress in period appropriate attire and act like they're there having a party!


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