Work Energy Power – 1 || NEET Previous Years’ Question Paper with Solutions in HINDI - Videos


In this Physics video lecture in Hindi for NEET 2018 we gave solution of previous years’ question paper on Work Energy and Power of class 11th. The following questions from previous years’ NEET QUESTION papers ( NEET 2012, NEET 2015 AND NEET 2017 ) are solved in this video lecture.

Consider a drop of rain water having mass 1 g falling from a height of 1 km. It hits the ground with a speed of 50 m/s. Take g constant with a value 10 m/s^2. The work done by the (i) gravitational force and the (ii) resistive force of air is
[ NEET 2017 ]
Time – 00:52

A stone is dropped from a height h. It hits the ground with a certain momentum P. If the same stone is dropped from a height 100% more than the previous height, the momentum when it hits the ground will change by
[ NEET 2012 ]
Time – 09:19

A ball is thrown vertically downwards from a height of 20 m with an initial velocity v0. It collides with the ground loses 50 percent of its energy in collision and rebounds to the same height. The initial velocity v0 is :
(Take g = 10 ms^-2)
[ NEET 2015 ]
Time – 16:58


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