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World War I – an event that totally both created and changed history. Roman has explained all the important facts about it using the best examples. Do watch it and enroll in the course (Daily Lecture Series by Roman Saini on to watch lessons on a list of such important topics daily. Yes, daily.

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  1. Sir, I am sorry but I differ on some points mentioned by you. Russia started militarizing in what is called 'period preparatory to war' even before Serbia rejected the ultimatum issued by Austria. And second, Germany was not dependent upon Austria to start the war as you said that Germany had support of Austria. Austria declared a war on Serbia because they thought that Germany itself wanted a war. But as a matter of fact, Germany wanted to avoid the war and was backing Austria only to avoid the war. Austrian troops were not even ready to fight the war when it declared war on Serbia (which came as a surprise to Germany) as it was harvesting season in Austria.
    Secondly, Russia was and is such a huge country, how can Germany as you said 'think of eliminating' Russia.
    Thirdly, Russians had their own reasons to fight the war. They did not fight the war to support to Balkans who had linguistic connections with them. They fought because they did not want to be seen weak after and defeat from Japan in 1905. Also, they wanted to secure Dardanelles Strait (which was an important trade route) in case Ottomans allied with Germany, which they did later on.
    And lastly, trenches were dug mostly in the later part of WW1. How else would Germany move forward on both Eastern and Western front.

  2. sir plz can u tell us what war or history movies are usefull to correlate ww1 n ww2. like the legend of bhagat singh n madras cafe are somewhere correlated with Indian history. plz do mention it sir plz


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