Writing in English: Most Common Grammatical Errors to Avoid {UPSC/IAS, CAT, GRE, GMAT, IELTS} - Videos


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If Grammar is what haunts you at night then worry not, here is a solution. Watch out this video and never again commit the typical errors that commoners make. Grammar will become a part of your grey matter.

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  1. Great lecture. Thank you. While explaining the use of comma, you've used it in both the sentences followed by 'hence' and 'so' respectively. My doubt is that when you are using those words do you really need to use comma? Won't they be OK without it? On that note can you please tell if hence and so are conjuctions or not?

  2. Hi Palak, I am an English Educator and a civil service aspirant too. Could you let me know d scope of English Literature as an optional subject in mains and the strategy for 2018 upsc


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