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In this video, Salamuddin Ansari Sir has explained the approach, efforts and target setting strategy required for Public administration exam. He has discussed the answer writing strategy and importance of different topics for the exam. He has given a glance of introduction to the Administrative theory explaining meaning, scope and significance of public administration and evolution of discipline also discussing New Public administration.

Salamuddin Ansari is the founder of Lukmann IAS. He is a multi-talented teacher and teaches Public administration, Ethics and Aptitude, Polity, Governance and Internal security. For Online course visit https://neostencil.com/unit/salamuddinansari_38105_20171016/

He gives importance to conceptual clarity, answers writing and presentation. He has the consistency of producing high scoring candidates in Public administration optional and Ethics & aptitude of General studies.

Public administration by S. Ansari

✔ Public Administration is the most popular optional among IAS aspirants since it has overlap with most of the GS syllabus.

✔ S. Ansari has vast experience and gives importance to conceptual understanding for UPSC Exams.

✔ He interlinks the Public administration concepts with relevant current affairs and also teaches how to approach General Studies paper.

✔ He has produced many toppers and in 2016 his toppers include Abhilash Mishra (AIR 5), Anand Vardhan (AIR 7), Utsav Kaushal (AIR 14) and many more.

To know more about S. Ansari (Lukmaan IAS) Online classes, visit: https://neostencil.com/lukmaanias/

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