XANTO! HURRICANE FORCE Winds and BLIZZARD Conditions with Winter Storm XANTO - Videos




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  1. Happy Friday the 13th you know what that means horror movie nite … pizza and horror tonite my love have a good day at work wish we would have just stayed in bed xoxo luvbug

  2. Last nite I got 2 more warnings of a major problem in the mid Atlantic and southeast and northeast, since mar 21st 2018 and Friday 13 I have now had 10 identical dreams of 60-70mph winds and it showed me again the exact same thing twice last nite that line from Jackson Mississippi straight across to the outer banks of North Carolina if your north of this line I saw a high wind warning.more specifically the north 2/3 Mississippi north 1/2 Alabama north 1/3 Georgia all of Tn North Carolina north 1/2 South Carolina. This was under a high wind warning not a wind advisory for 60-70mph with it mentioning some gusts to 80mph. From Mar 21st thru mar 23 I dreampt 3consecutive nights of North Mississippi Alabama Georgia tornado warning too along with high wind warning. I repeatedly saw a low pressure bombed out and this has come to pass. I was told in a dream on 4-9-18 when I saw trees blowing down thru homes huge trees and massive widespread tree damage the low tracks farther south well this has come to pass. This is concerning to me because in the past I have dreamed these things to detail and people laughed and people got killed in the stuff. It’s crazy you pointed out the exact detail of where I dreampt the worst damage was the Carolinas Georgia Area for Hurricane force74mph + is Hurricane force.i dreampt 60-70 mph with gusts to 80mph and saw a crosshairs drag from Jackson ms to the outer banks of North Carolina. I was shown damaging winds 60-70 were possible outside cloud cover in clear skies as well. I repeatedly was warned this would surprise meteorologists at last minute. A major sign for me is vivid color which is a tel tale sign of a serious warning dream and on this I’ve had 10+ and I repeat east coast Carolinas northern gulf states and Tennessee Kentucky and Carolinas was the worst areas for wind damage and fooled the meteorologists but also the plains had awful issues I was warned also significant severe weather all modes

  3. This is not a forecast but feel
    Likely is some sort of warning I didn’t guarantee this would fully happen but I have learnt from years of experience when I see something occur in my dreams to listen up. Most laugh at this stuff but I ain’t kidding the exact wind speeds and location is to minute detail of what I dreampt on 4-12-18. Most think dreams are silly but We need to realize Gods Word says He will do nothing without warning first. I don’t think people dying is funny at all and everything should be judgded Accoring to The Word. Be blessed thought I would tell you I had all this

  4. In the word(s) of Christopher Walken, " WOW!! It looks like I won't be water skiing today!!" This is bizarre, blizzards in mid-April. Let's pray the "X" storm ends it. I think I'll be getting nailed in the dark on Sunday/Monday. I saw gusts over 70mph, but it is a couple of days out. Thanks for your insight, Amigo. You and "J 7409" do such a great job. Thank you for the reports.

  5. HARP controls the weather…"They" want NEW WORLD Order" under Satan..wake up. Believe in Jesus..Repent of your sins. Go to Brother Daryl's channel..how to get saved..and get taken out in the Rapture soon to come. You don't want to be here in THE GREAT TRIBULATION to come. God of the Bible is not causing this..god of this world satan and his minions are! Wake up!

  6. I watch Deep South Homestead channel and he was saying today that in 1816 there was a year with no summer. I have not researched this but this vid was quite informative and thought I would let you know. Sorry I don't know how to link it since I am on my phone but go check it out when you get a chance. Year without summer is the title.


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