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AQA Chemistry paper 1 https://youtu.be/MpQ-3YAwNhI
AQA Chemistry paper 2 https://youtu.be/_HJu8WTtZJU 
AQA Physics Paper 1 https://youtu.be/xtw-Z0nllA4 
AQA Physics Paper 2 https://youtu.be/X1aMXCr75Kw 
AQA Biology Paper 1 https://youtu.be/mKYQ-K23Mr4 
AQA Biology Paper 2 https://youtu.be/Uqti-xPnT-8 

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  1. Thank you so much for this video! I'm really struggling with physics and I'm doing combined science ☹️ what's the best way to revise and understand physics? Im aiming for a grade 7 in GCSE 9-1 AQA combined science

  2. Thank you for the fist set of questions. Before watching your explanations, I got full marks on number one, got the last part of question 2 right, full marks on question 3, full marks on question 4, got the last bits of question 5 wrong; but everything else right, fist part of question six correct, almost all of seven correct, full marks on question 8, missed out 2 points on question 9, and missed out 2 bits on question 10. Overall I did okay, but I learned quite a lot from your explanations. Thanks again; you are a great teacher. 🙂

    (I forgot to say I did it in timed conditions. It took me 35 minutes to complete.)

  3. The 10 Hardest Questions in AQA Chemistry Paper 1

    00:34 Using a diagram, describe the structure of a calcium atom.

    03:26 Three (made up) transition metals were reacted together. Tromium oxide was reacted with pure carboltium and nothing happened, but when triomium oxide was reacted with pure harbold a reaction was seen. Give the order of reactivity and explain your reasoning. Predict what would happen when harbold oxide is reacted with carboltium.

    06:17 Describe the difference in structures of diamond and graphite. Explain how this relates to their properties.

    08:45 This question relates to the structure of metals.
    a. Why are alloys hard?
    b. why do metals conduct electricity?

    10:58 How much zinc carbonate would make 97.2g of zinc oxide?

    14:35 Explain what happens at each electrode during electrolysis of aluminium oxide.

    16:41 Calculate the energy change when methane burns completely in oxygen. (C-H 413 KJ/mol; O=O 498 KJ/mol; O-H 464 KJ/mol; C=O 805 KJ/mol)

    20:58 Describe how to find the concentration of an alkali, when using an acid of a known concentration.

    21:56 What is the difference between strong and weak acids and high and low concentrations?

    24:05 Explain the difference in reactivity between the group 1 and the group 7 elements.

    Separate Science

    27:38 Evaluate the use of nanotechnology.

    29:42 25.0cm3 of H2SO4 at 0.1 mol is titrated against 30.0cm3 of NaOH. Find the concentration of sodium hydroxide.

    33:40 17.2 g of salt was made from a reaction between calcium oxide and hydrochloric acid. It was expected that 21.4g would be made. For this reaction find the percentage yield and the atom economy.

    37:27 How does a simple cell work?

  4. OMG YOU'RE AMAZING!! but is this for tripple science pupils too? because i wasn't aware we had to learn the formulas for most. also please make more videos alike to this please, i enjoy watching them over & over again.

  5. Miss , if I put 2 terms in the question because I don’t know which is right will I get marks? For example , in my mocks the answer must have ions to get 1 mark, i didn’t know if I should write particles or ions so I wrote ions/particles . I still got a mark in my mock but would it be accepted in the real exam?


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