14 January 2018- The Hindu Editorial News Paper Analysis- [UPSC/SSC/IBPS] Current affairs - Videos


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  1. The picture is explaining about the trouble in our judiciary. The judges have internal issues and some are exposed them in media that not good. The trust of people should be lost about judiciary from this types of activity. The woman is lord of justice and she don't wants to show our internal issues in front of people. She want to solve problems in the dark side becoz no one see this drama.

  2. Judicial mother ये एक ऐसी mother h जिसके बच्चे आपस में उलझे हुए हैं fight कर रहे हैं
    ये बस उन्हें सम्भालने और सुलझाने में लगी है मां
    कानून अंधा नहीं होता बना दिया जाता है जैसे अब conditions face ho rhi h


    Growing fear over the faith of the constitution- is 1 of the main reasons. All 3 out of 4 judges are the seniormost judges of the supreme court and are about to retire. justice RANJAN GOGAI is junior to justice Chelameswar, and possibly is going to be the next CJI.

    its a saying in our traditional hindi that- MARTA HUA INSAAN KBHI JHUTH NHI BOLTA.

    There is no convincing reason come out, when we consider that they are lying, wheras on the other hand it looks quite clear that the encounter/fake encounter case of sohrabuddin sheikh followed by the encounter of TULSIRAM PRAJAPATI (soal witness of sheikh's encounter) and the mysterious death of justice loya(who directed CBI to investigate further, they got evidence from the state investigation that- 331 phone calls by AMIT SHAH to the concerned police officer has been deleted from records by o.p. mathur) on 1st dec. 2014, and the discharge of MR. AMIT SHAH due to lack of evidence on the same month of J. LOYA'S DEATH i.e., Dec 2014.- They all may have some connecting dots.

    and if they(4 judges) are right, then it becomes clear that- THE SWORD OF POLITICS IS ON THE NECK OF JUDICIARY, i.e., ULTIMATELY OVER THE CONSTITUTION also.

    Before coming out to the media, they followed the convention of the court i.e., 4 expressed their reservation to the cji about the assignation of the case. they had also informed him of thrier intention to go public .

  4. Hello sir…
    Isme jo apne image di hai muje uskk dekh ke jo sbse pehli chiz mind me ayi wo yeh hai…
    Ki kaanon ki devi ko talwar se niche giraya gya hai or wo apni judiciory ko sambhal rhi h lyk a mother if her children go on a wrong track..
    In a nutshell the goddess of judiciory fall down n trying to save their chilren who go on wrong track…

  5. we shouldn't forget meaning of justice yes there is some dispute on going among judges but they never said that they would stop service like doctors who were on fast few day ago ………………
    there is little bit problems on going that is some throughs collapse or nothing more ……
    picture is showing that
    women is ILL that's y her energy gone down but when she will stand than she will never loose her energy againg …


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