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  1. Gyan sangam related to bank
    Main purpose of nivesg bandhu portal is effectivecand transparent inplementation of food safety law
    Lone wolf attack is terrist attack in which individual or small group attack without over all supervision or support of a terrorist organisation

  2. ?‍♀️EVANKA TRUMP.

    ?LONE WOLF-The term lone wolf is used to distinguish terrorist actions carried out by individuals from those coordinated by large groups.
    ?NIVESH BANDHU PORTAL- infrastructure development and industrial development.
    ?GYAN SANGAM- related to banking

  3. Ivanka Trump
    Daughter of the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

    The term lone wolf is used to distinguish terrorist actions carried out by individuals from those coordinated by large groups. Terrorist attacks that are carried out by small cells are not classified as lone wolf attacks. Lone wolf attacks are far more rare than attacks carried out by groups.

  4. Gyan sangam- related to bank
    Nivesh bandhu portal- industrial and investment development
    Lone wolf attack carried by individual rather than group of terrorist. Therefore, less chance to trace lone wolf attack.

  5. Ivanka Trump is Donald Trump's daughter.
    Ivanka Trump will be attending the plenary session of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit to be held in Hyderabad from November 28 to December 3.

    1)Lone wolf terrorism
    A lone wolf is someone who prepares and commits violent acts alone, outside of any command structure and without material assistance from any group. He or she may be influenced or motivated by the ideology and beliefs of an external group and may act in support of such a group.

    >The term lone wolf is used to distinguish terrorist actions carried out by individuals from those coordinated by large groups. >Terrorist attacks that are carried out by small cells are not classified as lone wolf attacks.
    >Lone wolf attacks are far more rare than attacks carried out by groups.
    >Since 1940, there have only been around 100 successful lone wolf attacks in the United States.
    >Lone wolves generally come from different demographics than far right attackers as well.
    >As compared to those on the far right, lone wolf attackers who become inspired by al-Qaeda and ISIS tend to be younger and better educated.
    >While the lone wolf acts to advance the ideological or philosophical beliefs of an extremist group, they act on their own, without any outside command or direction.
    >The lone wolf's tactics and methods are conceived and directed solely on their own; in many cases, such as the tactics described by Curtis, the lone wolf never has personal contact with the group they identify with.
    >As such, it is considerably more difficult for counter-terrorism officials to gather intelligence on lone wolves, since they may not come into contact with routine counter-terrorist surveillance.

    2)Nivesh bandhu portal It will provide information on Central and State Governments investor friendly policies, agro-producing clusters, infrastructure, and potential areas.

    3) C bank
    Retreat for Banks and Financial Institutions” called “GYAN SANGAM” to be held in State Bank Academy, Gurgaon on 4th and 5th March, 2016; Retreat to take forward the Government's commitment to Reforms in the Banking and Financial Sector. Ministry of Finance.

  6. **Personality recognization..
    >Evanka Trump -Daughter of US president Donald Trump..
    >Relation with India in terms of Women Empowerment ..

    1. Lone Wolf attack- Terrorist attacks that are carried out by small cells are not considered lone wolf attacks.While the lone wolf acts to advance the ideological nd philosophical beliefs of an extremist group,they act on their own,without any outside command or direction…

    2. Nivesh Bandhu Portal-It is Investor Facilitation Portal to assist investors to make informed investment decisions..

    3. Gyan Sangam is related to Banks…

  7. evanka trump
    daughter of Donald trump .

    lone wolf attacks are more rare than attacks carried out by groups.loan attack used to terrorist action.

    nivesh bandhu launched during world food india 2017 by our food processing industries smt harsimrat kaur Badal.
    the portal propels to accomplish the goverment mission of one nation one food law.

    gyan Sangam is releted to bank……………

  8. We classify any terrorist activity as a 'lone wolf attack',when there is a single person involved who executes the terrorist activity without any supervision;and hence he/she is not a part of any terrorist group.It is important to note that the lone wolf terrorist might not be directly related to any of the known terrorist groups like ISIS,Let etc.but these are the people who are highly radicalized through internet.This trend is going on; and it is a matter of huge concern as Cyber Terrorism.
    Thus,we see how these terrorist groups fulfill their goals even without spending a penny and without even entering the host country,they just radicalize its citizens and achieve its goals of devastation and destruction.
    We really need to spread awareness against such negative campaigns for our own safety and to save our youth from becoming lone wolf terrorists who are hardly suspicious, hardly draws the attention of the authorities but cause destruction as severe as these terrorist groups.

  9. ==>> Ivanka Trumph — Will Support Women Entrepreneurship in GES2K17 Hyderabad.

    ==>> Lone Wolf Terrorism ::-
    An individual that commit dangerous and offensive terrorist activities of their own w/o being instructed or intouch with any other terrorist organizations.
    Their activities may be the result of ideological ispiration of any terrorist organization, but its all about individual terrorist activity.

    Why Dangerous ? — As its an individually done offensive activity, their prior surveillance is very hard & difficult, as they don't belong to or instructed by any terrorist organization so due to lack or w/o the acknowledgement of such individuals makes it more dangerous and serious way of terrorism.

    ==>> Nivesh Bandhu Portal ::-
    This portal launched during World Food India Expo – 17, It is an investor friendly portal whose prime objective is to provide investment related informations & opportunities in Food & Processing sector India, to the investors and seek their investments.

    [ Needless to mention that INDIA is having 100% Automatic Channel FDI ]

    ==>> Gyan Sangam (BANKS + RBI + GOI) == Meeting for BANKING Reforms.

  10. ** She is Ivanka Trump
    ** daughter of Mr.Donald trump,USA president
    ** she will be attending the global entrepreneurship summit at hyberabad

    ** lone wolf attacks:-
    @@ They are undertaken by a very small group or individuals
    @@ In support of a larger cause but generally without the overall support /supervision of a terrorist organization, eg ISIS gave call to its sympathiser for making lone wolf attacks all over world
    ** They are more dangerous than terrorist because:-
    @@ radical ideologies
    @@ misuse of media
    @@ geopolitical tussles
    @@ aggressive politics rise
    @@ increase xenophobia

    ** Nivesh bandhu is a investors facilitation and food regulatory portal launched during world food festival 2017

    ** Gyan Sangam :- a step towards new banking paradigm

    Thankyou for the awesum pib…sir

  11. Dear sir, one request to you that please upload the PDF as well as videos so that we complete our lesson on time.. without PDF have to pending 2-3 day so please …………………………………………

  12. S sir one more thing I want to add in your information that after 7th standard the visually impaired students are not being allowed to study maths and compulsorily they have to choose arts and music and this is not a fair justice to them and I have seen those type of people that they do not have a mind maths capacity due to this type of inequalities for visually impaired person so for education also they are not been allowed to be that capable as the normal people in the world

  13. Even more one thing I want to add that they are also not good at all in the spellings of any of the word because they are not trained so far they are not given that education that day do have special senses but they cannot utilise that space special senses in also choosing using maths as a subject and in a life 2 in India I have seen that the white can the white colour stick given to a visually impaired person is not so much effective than the white can given to the visually impaired person residing in foreign countries that bitter truth of our nation

  14. Lone wolf attack is the prepaid plan by a group of the terrorist and recently in Las Vegas in October 2017 lone wolf attack was confronted by the people and it was a hideous crime and so many people died and some vehicles were used some bombs were used to kill and once Russia also confronted the same in Yesh crime

  15. Nivesh Bandhu is the Website launched by our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in world food India day in 2017 and it is investment portal throughout the world that International investors can also invest in the Food and Agriculture Department of our nation so that we can double our farmers income and also generate more relations and money through world food India our food and processing Minister harsimrat Kaur Badal Chad this conference in 2017

  16. Gyan Sangam was the first time conference for the consolidation of public sector banks so this question regarding Gyan Sangam is related to bank only here to boards made that is Central Board of Direct taxes and Central Board of Excise mat and discussed the Framework regarding consolidation of PSB

  17. She is Evanka Trump.
    Daughter of Donald Trump US President.
    She is coming for summit of global entrepreneurs in Hyderabad.

    1) The term lone wolf is used to distinguish terrorist actions carried out by individuals from those coordinated by large groups.
    He or she may be influenced or motivated by the ideology and beliefs of an external group and may act in support of such a group.

    2) Government of Uttar Pradesh has launched ‘Nivesh Mitra’, a web based online facility for entrepreneurs desirous of setting up an enterprise in UP. Udyog Bandhu, a Government Agency for Investment Promotion, is acting as a nodal agency for implementation of this project.

    3) Gyan Sangam is related to banks.


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