24 August 2018 – The Indian Express Newspaper Analysis हिंदी में – [UPSC/SSC/IBPS] Current affairs - Videos


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  1. सर आपके लिए बस इतना हीं
    आप लाज़वाब हो ख़ास कर आपका voice बहुत हीं प्रभावशाली है एकदम से दिमाग़ को हरक़त में का देता है!

  2. embassy- non commonwealth countries- head of the mission =Ambassador.
    high commision- to commonwealth countries- head= high commisioner.
    1. Beyond the line- Kuldeep Nayyar.
    2. benifits of private universities from institute of eminence tag are as follows-
    (a) they are free to decide fee for both foreign and domestic student.
    (b) they will be exempted from the approvals from the central govt. and UGC regarding their academic collaborations with foreign institutions.
    (c) they can have flexible duration and course structure.

  3. High Commissioner and Ambassador both are bureaucrats who are sent to other countries as a diplomat but the difference between them is High Commissioner are sent to Commonwealth countries(Countries which were once a colony of Britain) and Ambassador is sent to countries other than commonwealth countries.
    1. Beyond the Lines: An Autobiography Kuldeep Nayar
    2. Institutes of Eminence for private institutes will have greater autonomy to decide their syllabus, managing faculties also they will be exempted from approvals of government or UGC for academic collaborations with foreign institutions. ( They will not able to get financial assistance of Rs.1000 cr)

  4. 1.difference between ‘High Commissioner’ and ‘Ambassador’
    The functions these two individuals perform are the same; there is no difference. I understand that both are of the same rank as well. Britain’s diplomatic missions in various parts of the world are either called “High Commission” or “Embassy”.
    The former term is used to refer to Britain’s diplomatic missions in Commonwealth countries.
    For example, the diplomatic mission in Delhi is called the High Commission, and the senior diplomat in charge of it is the “High Commissioner”.
    Since the United States and Russia were never a part of the Commonwealth, Britain’s diplomatic missions in these countries are called “Embassies”, and not “High Commissions”. The person in charge of one is called “Ambassador”.
    2."Beyond The Lines" is an autobiography of Kuldeep Nayar
    3) private institutes which comes under the status " institude of eminence " will not able to get financial assistance but they will have greater autonomy to decide their syllabus,managing faculties etc…and they don't need prior approval from UGC. For this.

  5. Embassies are diplomatic missions sent to non-Commonwealth countries, while High Commissionsare diplomatic missions sent to Commonwealth countries. The "head of mission" at the former are called Ambassadors; at the latter, they are called High Commissioners. As well as referring to diplomatic missions themselves, the terms "Embassy" and "High Commission" refer to the buildings in which those missions are based.

    Consulates are extension of embassy/high commission to major cities of host country other than capital for specific task of social, economic and cultural ties.

  6. the person in chrage of high commission is called as high commissionar in commonwealth country(britain,india)
    since russia and U S not were part o fcommonwealth country there they called it as ambasador for various embassey.

  7. Sir i like your daily lecture on indian express very much now i purchase every day indian express newspaper and read it then i watch your video to summarize it and to understand what to read and how much i get it.

  8. beyond the lines autobiography is by kuldip nayyar for kuldip nayyar

    inst. of eminanace would help to go positively as far as they are doing right noe because if gov. is initated them to provide eminance raanking to them thus their students could be motivate by itself that they are part of eminance ranking universities. although it ll tke some time to be best but private sector will attract to provide best package and it will lead and encourage their students to motivate to do research for best profession ultimately uviverstiy will be bestter than they are do9ing rigt now.


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