3. GMAT Lesson: Managing your time on the GMAT - Videos


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  1. i can write this info on the front page of my scratch pad..that will effectively mean…look at the timer…turn the pages back…refer to the table and then continue after analysing as to where one stands.How to go about this problem.Any suggestions?

  2. As you would all see, the remaining theoretical time for math section can be found as= 75- 2 X no of questions answered.
    Its a bit trickier for Verbal which is= 75- 2 X questions answered+Questions answered/5

  3. Hi Brent!
    Your point is well taken. Also, please note that I have gone through your website and found it most informative, Do you have a test series? I am appearing for GMAT in the first week of Aug, 2013. I am particularly interested in Verbal and AWA sections

  4. Guys, just wanted to share that this technique simply helped me to gain 120 points comparing to what I scored before, without extra studying. I have taken the exam 5 times and always had a problem with the timing – each time I had to skip last 10-15 questions to finish the section on time. I just finished my 5th exam, and so happy that applied this technique! Best of luck to everybody!


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