3rd June 2018 के लिए Best Strategy – UPSC CSE Prelims Day by Roman Saini – IAS Preparation - Videos


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In this lesson, Roman Saini discusses the best strategy for the UPSC CSE Prelims 2018 that is on the 3rd of June. Effective UPSC preparation is an important aim for all aspirants for which Roman firstly starts off with explaining what to do and not to on the day before the UPSC Prelims 2018. Important advice is given to ensure you are well rested and prepared for the exam.

Next, he moves to the main day of the UPSC Prelims and explains what are the important things to remember to carry on that day and how to attempt the first paper with a clear explanation of the CSAT paper 1. The number of questions to be attempted and why is also explained in the lesson.

Finally, he explains what to do before and after the CSAT paper 2. This is a very important lesson for your IAS Preparation.
Must watch for all.

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  1. Sircan u plz make a video on how to approach the 0relims question paper in 2 hrs …like some ppl suggest to do 1 liners first n don't go directly all questions from 1-100 (the approach that should b followed in exam hall)


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