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Hi guys! This is Vensy again! How are you all doing? It’s been so long since my last video… and it’s five months to go for the exam! The countdown has begun, and what you do in the next few months will change your life forever!

As I told you in my last video, we constituted a new team of first year students from NALSAR who were some of the toppers of CLAT 2017. They are the ones who have been making all those videos you’ve been watching. We hope that you’re liking the content! I personally think that the kids have done an outstanding work of covering almost everything relevant for CLAT. Soon we’ll be uploading these videos on our website as well, along with tests and notes for your convenience.

So let’s talk a little bit about what it takes to succeed in this ambitious pursuit of ours where we’re all trying to get into India’s best law schools. For two years, I dreamed of nothing but to find myself walking through the gates of NALSAR back in 2013, and chances are, you might be dreaming the same thing. For this to happen, what you need to do is crack an exam called CLAT.
I want to do a 150-day countdown to CLAT by releasing a motivational video every single day until May 12, 2018. It is going to be a pain to upload the videos every single day, but I’m hoping that it’ll inspire you to similarly commit to studying every day. Do you like the idea?

I hope you’re giving your All india mocks already. If you’re not performing as well as you want to in your mocks and tests, don’t worry. There is one solution to all your exam-woes, and that is effective time management. What we’ll be trying to do is answer the greatest number of questions in the shortest amount of time from now on. Whether it is a full length mock or a sectional test, you should be TIMING YOURSELF, and writing each and every single test as if they are questions from the actual CLAT. If you have not given any mocks, start right now. Our goal is to ensure that we are NEVER short on time while writing the test, and to ensure the completion of your paper within time.

Because time management is such an important component of your prep, I want to share my personal time management guide with all of you, for free as always. I will also give you a detailed video along with it, to help you understand it better. To access your time management guide, subscribe to Law School 101’s newsletter for free, I have included the link in the description below. Sign up for more freebies, such as hand-outs, college reviews, tips from toppers and much more.
Finally, I want to make a request to each one of you. Please, please engage with our videos. We want to hear from you, we want to know if our videos are making any difference in your prep. We want to know how to make our content better, and we want to know what you want in your prep. So, please engage! If you like our video, press the like button, so that we know how many of you liked it. Then say something to the teacher, please do comment! Please know that your kind words keep us going and your comments show us the way. Please tell us what we’re doing right and where we’re going wrong.



  1. People like me comment on your videos, ma'am, but there are people like Rakshit Jain who are so much egoistic that they gang up against credulous people like us with their supporters to put a gag on our mouth…?

  2. Hey guys! I am a dropper and will be giving clat 2018. My recent results have been improving as compared to my past mocks but still they are not upto the mark,as you said time management is the key to success,i will be following a comprehensive 10 day time table from now on and will give my best not to procrastinate.
    Just one question,my reasoning and maths section is comparatively weaker than the other three sections so any tips for that apart of practising it of course. 🙂
    P.S.- keep doing the awesome work you guys have been doing for us clat aspirants. 🙂

  3. Ma'am the idea to motivate us is Fab and you should do it I wud love to.. and thanks for all the vids they helped me a lot as I am not in any coaching institute.. will be waiting for those 120 days motivational vids

  4. Hey can you pls tell us how to manage our time during these 5 months like what time should be devoted for each subject and something of this sort plssssss . Like how much hour should we study and on what strategy we should read on daily basis . And your videos are awesome and helpful as well


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