8:00 AM – Daily The Hindu Vocabulary (18th Dec, 2017) | Day- 322 - Videos


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6. English Grammar: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLT2PUxNJBoeMezejzzofr7WNy0qToZesP

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  1. Daily Live Class Schedule: –
    6 AM – The Hindu Analysis by Muskan Ma'am
    8 AM – Daily Vocab by Bhunesh Sir
    10 AM – Maths मंथन by Naman Sir
    12 PM – GK ज्ञान by Bhunesh Sir
    2 PM – Reasoning मंत्रा by Sahil Sir
    4 PM – English Dose by Harsh Sir
    6 PM – CDS Special by Vivek Sir

  2. Gujrati don't DOTE and INIMICAL for congress party whose leaders are FATUITY and enter in MORIBUND state due to Modi's toil without RUN INTO THE GROUND.Although Hardik is glossing over his licking and making FORAY on EVM but people MOLLYCODDLE and satiated on election LITURGY.

  3. When Ajamil was a moribund state ,he remind his fatuity ,to gloss over his mistake he request the lord becouse he got run into the ground feeling by his sins . Besides it yamduts foried him but he chanted the holy name of lord he became dote of vishnu dutas yam dutas had to change thier liturgy . he wanted to mollycoddle to the lord so he left all inimical things and he infraction the rule of three mode of material nature .

  4. INFRACTION of the orders of election commision is INIMICAL to the democracy.the FORAY of the parties on the DOTED commision is FATUITY will leads to their MORIBUND. however, the LITURGY of commision is also doing GLOSS OVER to its own mistakes that it is MOLLYCODDLING its favourite parties


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