AIIMS / NEET 2019 – Biology: Animal Kingdom (Lecture – 17) : Amphibia - Videos


1. Amphibians
2. General & Specific features
3. Evolution
4. Important facts



  1. if a bird rotates its head 360° by virtue of its monocondylic skull, then there must be a torsional force acting upon it.. then it may torn. But this doesn't happen. Why?

  2. i dissected toads in college for kymograph recordings, nodes of ranvier and cornea preparation etc. awesome experience sir..and inke tongue bhut hi chip-chipe hotein hain…

  3. Sir
    If fertilisation is external then
    Eggs Male or female body me kaise aata hai
    Kyonki jab Male female gametes body ke bahaar hi fuse hote hai to egg ander kaise Chala gaya as in sea horse fish

  4. sir mne ek commando ki comment pdhi wo bol rhe the ki aap ek motivational lecture daalte the… har week ke ending me pichle saal….! to sir plzz…. is saal aap bde busy honge… pr aap bss ek hi daal do… choti si 7-8 min ki…. 😁

    actually aapko baatein sunkr ek positive energy aati h… aur bss sbkuch bhul kr… pdhai krne ka mn krta h…. 🤗 thnkuu soo much sir…. for your great efforts…


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