ANSWER KEY: UPSC CSE PRELIMS 2018Part-1 [3 June 2018] by Jatin Verma - Videos


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  1. 1 question. series D me. bhi aya. tha. bhaiii. 2&3 ka to. pta. tha. pr 1. ka nahii pr fir. bhii. sahii hi kia. haiii. pr. . iss baar. polity. se. question. kam. aye. hai JATIN BHAI ✌

  2. Sir..aap ka DNA bhut hi best h….hm jaise logo ke liye jo coaching nhi join kr skte…apke DNA ko pdhane se pta chla ki kisi subject ko kis type se study krke uska analsys krna …sir isko DNA ko close mt kriyega. Sadr Pranam sir.

  3. UPSC is fully Retarded,😟 I don't know what they expect from Students…. This is not the standard . Kuch bhi Puch rahe Hai..
    Vague Questions… Even the Qualified UPSC student who hvnt got IAS & Interview Rejected candidate r getting marks around 90 out of 200…
    Maximum who left no stone unturned r even getting only around 50 Question correct…
    This is the reason why cut off for General remains around 105…

  4. Sir mujhe Exam Hi nahi dene dia…kal…merri bus late ho gai thi exam other city me tha… Me exam center or 9:25 me pahuch bhi gya.. Lekin college waalo ki hat dharmita ne andar aane nahi dia mene boht request bhi..Sara staff bhi saare Police cop bhi bole lekin ..unhone jaae Hi nahi dia… Meri saal bhr ki mehnat bekaar ho gai..I'm in depration… I m sad… Mene ghr pe bhi nahi bola…pata na kya hoga ab…

  5. Q7 (NSG) : I strongly think answers should be D).
    Becoming member of NSG does not automatically translate into having access to latest nuclear technologies. It will only ease the 'process' of getting that access.
    Even after becoming NSG Member, India still have to make one-to-one agreement with the other parties (nations) to have that access.

  6. for all the self established upsc sites, none of what they had discussed came in the questions.. bakwas prep karwaya…nw upsc wants each to focus more on self study instead of wasting time on coaching n self established sites

  7. This year paper was quite strange but yes one thing, it brought every candidate at the same level. Even answer keys are not authentic as so called experts who have experience of decades, have come up with varied answers. Actually, only upsc knows answers to the analytical questions and no one can match with its level. I mean no one knows all the answers. What will you answer to the question on liberty and law? Or aral sea? A simple Google search says aral sea is covered. It's in Oxford atlas as well. Baikal outlets to other baikal fed bodies have shrunk but a latest report dated 04.04. 2018 says that baikal's damage is yet to begin. A thesis paper says law and liberty apparently counter each other but later it says they complement each other. So what's the answer? Only upsc knows. What about subsidiary alliance and napoleonic stuff? It was arthur Wellesley, Lord Wellesley's brother and not Lord Wellesley himself but then who knows what upsc is thinking. You really cannot predict the analytical answers.

  8. I tried a lot to control my tears in the exam hall as this is my last attempt and yet I have not taken all six attempts. Thanks to my age. Wanted to become this year's anu kumari but I don't know what will happen. I didn't check keys cause I'm hoping against hope. I don't have another chance. I guess those that have not taken the exam, are lucky. I don't know what will happen but somewhere it feels good to know upsc brought everyone to an equal footing. People are cursing the Delhi coaching centres but they shouldn't do so cuz I mean it's wrong to comprehend that upsc can be predictable. Not every year is 2017. I wish I took break from office then and took upsc 2017 seriously the way I took upsc 2018. I just wish but then somehow this strange hope still lingers.


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