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H.V Desai Competitive Exam Centre is most renowned UPSC abd MPSC exam preparation institute. This the Demo Video of their UPSC Mains Anthropology course. For online course visit:

About Prof. Nirav Suratwala (Founder of HVDCEC)

He is a gold medalist in Bachelors in Foreign Trade from MITSOM, Pune. He is an MBA in International Business and Finance and is the founder of H.V.Desai Competitive Exams Center (HVD-CEC). He has a teaching experience of 7 years.

His achievements include:

Gave a lecture on Indian Economy at PACE University, New York.

Wrote Books on 10 MBA subjects including Economics.

More than 100 Officers have been created under his able guidance.

More than 800 aspirants are currently studying in HVD CEC.

To know more about HVDCEC online courses visit:

About NeoStencil:

NeoStencil is founded by AIIMS, IIT and IIM Alumni. It is India’s only Ed Tech Company that provides live online classes from top teachers. With a mission statement of Choose Your Classroom, it aims to revolutionize test preparation, by connecting teachers and students seamlessly. Live!




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