AP, GP & HP Part 3 (Geometric Progression) by Rakesh Yadav Sir(ssc, cds & other competitive exam) - Videos


This is the 3rd Part of APGP & HP Video by Rakesh Yadav Sir for CAT/SSC/CDS/Any one day exam.

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Video License and Copyright- Rakesh Yadav Readers Publications

Video Made by- Cine Zeus Kef



  1. Sir ! Your humble words while explaining is so complimenting and encouraging. ☺ As being said the best teacher is one who can universalise his knowledge and language through his words while teaching. I really am learning every bit of your gracious guidance. I will also buy full set of your book.Sir But beside North India.. We the Southern India and North Eastern states which form Vast population of students here in your channel face Pure Hindi relation in your explaination. (********Its is our humble and very kind request on behalf of the Southern and Eastern Part of India to mingle English and Hindi language together when you explain your technique and approach*******) We really love you and shower our blessing on behalf of these geographical regions. India should be blessed to have a teacher like you sir. India is proud of you. We love you.


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