ARP 2K18 – Molarity , Molality - Videos


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  1. Sir, should I focus on covering left over topics such as electrochemistry, coordination compound, d and f block, nuclear physics or instead focus on rivision for all kinds of AITS and exams?

  2. Sir December aa Gaye pls if possible give us multiple videos in a day. Because from mid of January we have to prepare for 12 board examinations and yet we have practicals also. May this great work continues….??.(p.s sir pls increase the standard becoz they aren't gonna ask this level questions in jee)

  3. That moment when sir moves the pointer away from the answer you marked and you feel an adrenaline rush and sir keeps inching closer to the other option…closer and closer…and you feel your breath stopping…and your heart racing…nothing else matters…you're absolutely terrified…you lose all hope in yourself…and then….after what seems an eternity…

    "ye answer NAHI hain!!"

    Oh My God!…That feeling of relief you have sitting right there: BEST MOMENT EVER!!!!! 😀

  4. I am very weak student bt i want to qualify iit exam n i believe in u all three teachers …i hv a request to all of you three to cover each n every chapter till the end of march so that i can study for boards and revise ur notes


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