Bernoulli’s Trial 12th Class, IIT – JEE & Board - Videos


In this video lecture we study what is Bernoulli’s Trail and how to apply it to given problems where there are only 2 outcomes Success and Failure .
This lecture is helpful for IIT-JEE, CBSE and also State Board students.

00:10 – When to apply Bernoulli’s Trial and How to apply generalise Formula for Bernoulli’s Trial

04:12 Q1. Each of 5 questions, all MCQ’s has 4 choices , only one is correct. A student is attempting to guess the answers, a random variable X is number of questions answered correctly

10:42 Q2. Probability that a person who undergoes a kidney operation will recover is 0.7 find probability that of 6 patients who undergo similar operation.

14:22 Q3. Centres for disease control have determined that when a person is given a vaccine, the probability that the person will develop immunity to virus is 0.8, if 8 people are given the vaccine.

17:02 Q4. Fair coin is tossed 8 times




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