Biology Crash Course for NEET 2018 – Lecture 16 (Synopsis of Plant Anatomy) Part 3 - Videos


For Key notes –



  1. Hlw sir. I am not of that field. Actually a commerce student but mainly I am crcktr(some may know me) Frankly speaking I have no interest in studies(dont take otherwise) but my bst frnd send me the link of ur chnl and told me to have a look cz it is her favorite chnl. Altym she is busy with your chnl(she is a neet aspirant). I took a look on this chnl and trust me I am stunt. How can one make a sbjct so interesting!! U r doing a great job.plz also bless so that I can be a good crcktr.
    Bst wishes…

  2. sir am still in doubt , vascular bundle sare pericycle ke andar hote hain , or only xylem is inside pericycle ,
    if all vascular cambium are inside the pericycle so how during 2ndary growth of root it forms wavy ring ???

  3. sir vacsular cambium ka banne me pericycle ka kya role hai ? , vascular cambium made of inter and intra fascicular cambium , but what role do pericyle have in its formation ????? thid part not clear


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