In this video we shall discuss a very easy and non confusing method to solve BLOOD RELATION high level questions in very less time and with accuracy. Most of the exams including SBI PO, IBPS,CLERK, RAILWAYS,SSC CGL, SBI PO 2017, BANK PO, RRB PO, RBI CLERK, SSC CGL, LIC,RAILWAYS, RBI and other competitive exams consist of questions from this topic and many students facing difficulty while solving such questions. So i tried to make the task easier. You will definitely find change in your speed and accuracy while solving these type of questions

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  1. There are eight members of a family–P, Q, R, S, T, U, W and Z. All of them are sitting around a circular table facing the centre. They belong to three different generations and there are three married couples among them. Four of them are males and four of them are of the opposite gender (though not necessarily in the same order.)They like different movies viz., The Twins, Twelve, Turbo, The Twilight Saga, Typhon, Twin Dragons, The Twelve Chairs and Twentieth Century but not necessarily in the same order. Further, some more information is also given. 
     • The son-in-law and maternal grandson of Z are immediate neighbours. W cannot be an immediate neighbour of her sister-in-law. W likes the movie Twelve. 
     • Q, a spinster, is sitting two places to the right of her grandfather T. Neither R nor T likes the movie The Twelve Chairs. P and his sibling S can’t sit together. Typhoon is liked by the brother-in-law of R. 
     • There are only three persons sitting between the person who likes Twin Dragons and her aunt S. R, a married male, cannot be an immediate neighbour of either T or Q. R does not like the movie Twentieth Century or The Twins. 
     • The Twelve chairs the movie is not liked by either S or Z. U and Q are not siblings. T does not like the movie Turbo or The Twins. There is only one person sitting between R and his brother-in-law. Turbo is not liked by the Son-in-law of Z. sir kindly explain this question

  2. sir i have written 2 3 exams of bank and fail by 2 to 3 marx and as u knw sbi exam is there.. sir i am confused whether i should i join offline coachng classes or follow your classes on youtube and by online classes and regular ST can i ckear bank or ssc exams plz sir help me out..

  3. sir aapne bola that forward relation me last person ka gender nhi determine kiya ja skta…but jo aapne codeeetd inequality ka 2nd ques kiya usme to last person ka b gender determine ho gya.????

  4. sir session was good but the title is wrong it says high-level blood relation puzzle but is just the basic puzzle of blood relation ……
    I really want high-level blood relations puzzles which are really been asked in previous sbi exams………

  5. Sir, Please help me in solving the below Question :

    Ten persons A,B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and J are members of a family which contains five couples. They live on different floors of a five floor building. The ground floor of the building is numbered floor 1 and the floor immediately above the ground floor is numbered floor 2 and so on until the top most floor is numbered floor 5. Each floor contains two flats numbered flat1 and flat 2 from left to right. Wife and husband of same couple do not live on the same floor. C and J are siblings and they live three floors from each other and they do not live on same numbered flat. E is the mother-in-law of A and lives neither in odd numbered flat nor on odd numbered floor. G is the niece of B and lives two floors below her father .Neither A nor E is married to C and J. H is the father of B and lives on the top most floor. H is married to either J or C. F is married to none of E,B and C. D lives on floor No.3. I and B are not siblings and they do not live on adjacent floors. H and J do not live on the same floor. C and E live in different flat numbers. A lives above both C and J. I and F lives in different flat numbers, D and A live in the same flat number.


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