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Calculus derivative shortcut trick to solve the differentiation of f(x)^g(x) form easily in 10 seconds. Useful for JEE main and other engineering entrance exams. Calculus shortcut tricks is useful to do the question is just 10 seconds.

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  1. Sir i know a better method for the same type of of questions:
    To find d/dx (f(x)^g(x)), first consider f(x) as constant and hence differentiate the whole function by using formula of d/dx(a^g(x)). Then consider g(x) to be constant and then differentiate the whole function by using formula of d/dx(f(x)^a). Add both the answers to get the final answer.

  2. Good morning sir.i am subscriber of your YouTube channel.sir I belongs to GEN PWD 50%category and plus two marks 65.11%.
    please sir tell me in details what is suitable for me I am going jee main exam in Apr 2018.Sir I wish for CSE.
    Sir I want to know about details for PWD in jeemains and advance test how many students appear and how much should I score for good ranking


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