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Q1: Sum of three Natural numbers a, b and c is 10. How many ordered triplets (a, b, c) exist? – 2:26.

Q2: Sum of three Whole numbers a, b and c is 10. How many ordered triplets (a, b, c) exist? – 9:34.

Q3: In how many ways 11 identical toys be placed in 3 distinct boxes such that no box is empty? – 14:30.

Q4: a, b, c are three distinct integers from 2 to 10 (both inclusive). Exactly one of ab, bc and ca is odd. abc is a multiple of 4. The arithmetic mean of a and b is an integer and so is the arithmetic mean of a, b and c. How many such triplets are possible (unordered triplets)? – 19:23.

Q5: If we listed all numbers from 100 to 10,000, how many times would the digit 3 be printed? – 29:26.

Q6: All numbers from 1 to 150 (in decimal system) are written in base 6 notation. How many of these will contain zero’s? – 35:23.

Q7: I roll a die four times. In how many outcomes do we have two throws have the same number and the other two something different? – 43:29.

Q8: I roll a die 4 times. In how many outcomes will each subsequent throw be greater that the previous one? – 50:34.

Q9: A bag contains 4 red and 3 black balls. A second bag contains 2 red and 3 black balls. One bag is selected at random. If from the selected bag one ball is drawn, then what is the probability that the ball drawn is red? – 54:01.

Q10: In how many ways can 6 boys be allotted into 5 rooms such that no room is empty and all 6 boys are accommodated? –

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