Yet again CBSE has failed in conducting an error-free NEET Examination. From not having enough papers to the error in translation CBSE has made a lot of mistakes which led a number of MBBS aspirants to ask for a re-NEET or at least some grace masks.
What will be the outcome of these debates is to be seen. Here we present the issue that has come to light following the 2018 NEET.




  1. Koi mehnat v naaa kare or use collage v mile or koi mehnat v kare or use aache collage v naa mile ye kya baat hua fir se ho jo padha hai hai wo bhul to nhi n jaye ga yaad to hoga hi sar padha hua

  2. about 8 questions need to give grace marks especially in chemistry 3 questions have 2 answers if we search on google or references. this is wrong.this year many rules have been compared to last year paper was also twisted. At least if not re neet @CBSE need to give grace marks anyhow.

  3. apeejay school (saket delhi )me paper 10 :30 pe diya gya tha… teachers bol rhe the k paper is class k mil nhi rhe he..aur students ko extra time b nai diya gya jiski wjah se kafi students ka phy ka section reh gya…

  4. This is sooo insane man!!
    how could well educated qualified people make errors in such a National exam!…..firstly i claim about India's education system and rules..secondly these kind of errors in exams….they must provide grace marks or else they must go with re-exam….they must go with either of the option instead they plan for something else that wouldn't satisfy us ie students for sure…they must pay for their mistakes being well qualified ppl who prepared the paper……
    We the students of India wants a proper response for this error in exam…..I hope they do consider our words and just doesn't ignore this……
    when they put forth sooo many rules on rules considering NEET as the most imp competitive exam they should have bern aware of the errors tooo… more arguments all they gotta do is to go with either if the option mentioned above because it might satisfy the students to a level rather they opt something else that just makes us feel weird and wrong about NEET and our country

  5. Stop being so narcissistic about didi, She is the one playing politics, Neet was very well conducted, minor glitches occur in every exams, even in SSC. People who couldn't score well are the ones demanding Re Neet.

  6. CBSE has done mistakes so CBSE has to conduct "neet again"… bcz it is d students who worked there ass off atleast 12- 13 hours a day just for this 6th may 2018… so our hard work shouldn't go waste nd CBSE has to conduct "reneet" bcz 1 year matters a lottt man…


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