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26. There are four friends A, B, C and D. Initially all have some quantity of pure milk. If A gives his 1/10th quantity of the milk to B, then B gives his 1/10th current quantity of the milk to C, then C gives his 1/10th current quantity of the milk to D and at last then D gives his 1/10th current quantity of the milk to A, and now all have equal amount of milk. Then find the % change of quantity of mild with A now wrt to A was initially.

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  1. It increased 1.35%
    Considering final. Milk in all to be
    9 9 9 9
    Now moving backwards
    We get initial quantity as
    8.88 9.12 9 9
    So the milk with a has become from 8.88 to 9
    That's increase of 1.35%

  2. lets assume all have final amt left is 1:1:1:1,,, now backward calculation karne pe to A ka initial value 16105/14641 aa rha hai and final value to 1 hai hi….if my process is wrong then pls correct me amiya sir or any 1….


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