Chasing goal till 6th and last attempt, Lavanya Gupta, AIR 298 CSE 2017, IAS toppers story - Videos


Sometimes life is about risking everything for at dream no one can see but you.

Same in case of Lavanya, was like being fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

She kept trying and she made it….

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  1. Great motivation lecture madam.
    Your are really Great . Pulling the dreams into success for longterm is not that easy. Inspite of many thoughts in life bringing back your strenghts, especially concentration, shows willing power. 🙏

  2. U r real topper n achiever. Cant describe ur potential. Really a woman is a multitasker . Hope like u kept stable till 6 th attepmt success . U will be a good ias officer n help ours


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