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S Block Complete notes:

Physics Solved Important Question:

Chemistry Important Questions Playlist:

F Block Revision Notes:

Biology Tricks:

Physics IITJEE Lectures:

Complete P Block Notes:

Free chemistry most expected questions for NEET and IITJEE :

Physics most important question Bank:

Complete Handwriten notes of MOLE CONCEPT:

Trick to find Bond Angle:

Strategy to crack NEET 2018:

Complete vector notes for NEET and IITJEE:

Complete EQUILIBRIUM notes in one video :

What to study in Physics for NEET:

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  1. Thanku sir for this video i wana give u some advice plz make video on very very imp.topic daily upload 2 3 topics covering video becous board exam is near only 1 month left plzz sir

  2. Sir…. Is it possible to start a chemistry crash course series like this

    # (maths on go)channel#….???

    It would be great helpful to many….u can try a election(poll) for it….

    I think already u hv prepared 2 videos like
    1) chemical equilibrium
    2) Thermodynamics

    They are superb….but sir …we want/need more such wonderful and short & sweet explanation on the brief topics like….

    1) chemical bonding
    2) block chemistry
    3) all name rxns
    4) Nd many….

    Hope & faith.

  3. Kisi video ko dislike ? karne wala ye btta deta ha ki video me kami nhi ha par hmm to adat se majboor ha, walia ka jugad, ms dhoni ke chakee dekhne me bhautt mja aa ta ha ???❤❤❤❤


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