China’s Impact on Africa – New Colonialism or Win Win Situation for the region – Analysis - Videos


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  2. Let China do the work of uplifting the poor countries of Africa, after several years of colonialism, the people of the African continent can breathe a good life. But over time, I feel China may have other ideas.

  3. I think African country invite foreign investment must not stick only China. China include only Chinese Company and Chinese worker for projects. Local people not benefitted. Their natural resource and present & future demand drive China's economy.USA miss the bus due to their foreign policy.India try level best to influence them.

  4. its not a debt its a trap,what is the china loan consist of its like they give 1 lakh to u, they took away 75000 back bcoz material and work force is chinese ,only 25000 work they do in tht country.and loan is of 1 lakh plus interest seperate ,plus china dumps all its cheap products in tht country using infra structurs ,china ppl buy a land there china company bring their own ppl in companies,thus they redusing burden on its mainland earn moneny power all,in pak china destory small companies too even pen come from china


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