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Learn concepts of Circular track problems from chapter Time, speed and distance. Apply these basic concept to visualize and solve questions from CAT, GMAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP, CMAT, NMAT and other aptitude exams.

Questions in the video:
Question 1:- 9:54
P can run one full round of a circular track in 4 min while Q can run the same track in 7 min. Both P and Q start simultaneously from the same point. How many times would they meet each other when running in the same direction and in the opposite direction
if Q has completed 12 rounds.

Question 2:- 11:35
Two sprinters are running in the clockwise direction along a circular track of length 6 km. The faster sprinter overtakes the slower one every two hours. If the faster sprinter completes
one lap six minutes sooner than the slower, then, what is the speed of the slower sprinter?

Question 3:- 13:34
Tom and Jerry are running along a circular track. Starting from the same point in the same direction. By the time they met for the 10th time, how much more distance than Jerry would have Tom travelled, if the speeds of Tom and Jerry are 12m/s and 10m/s and the radius of the track is 14m ?

Question 4:- 15:15
Sunny and Nitish start running from a point A on a circular track with different speeds and in opposite directions. Sunny runs in the clockwise direction and meets Nitish at a distance of 700 m in the clockwise direction for A. They again meet each other for the second time at a distance of 600 m in the anticlockwise direction from A. If Nitish is still in his first round, then what is length of the track?

Question 5:- 20:43
Six runners A,B,C,D,E,F have speeds in the ratio of 1:2:3:4:5:6. A,C, and E are running in the clockwise direction, while B,D and F in the anticlockwise direction starting from the same point. In how many distinct points on the track, do any of the two runners meet each other?

Question 6:- 25:39
Two cars A and B start simultaneously on a circular track of length of 8km from a point O in the opposite directions. Every time they meet each other, A increases its speed by 2km/hr while B decreases its speed by 2km/hr. If they met for the 5th time at 4pm and for the 19th time at 4:56 pm, then at what time did they meet for the 8th time?

Question 7 (CAT 2004):- 29:05
A sprinter starts running on a circular path of radius r meters. Her average speed (in meters/minute) is πr during the first 30 seconds.πr/2 during the next one minute, πr/4 during next 2 minutes.πr/8 during next 4 minutes and so on. What is the ratio of the time taken for the nth round to that for the previous round?

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