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A detailed analysis of the CLAT 2018 exam by CL experts.

Overall level of difficulty slightly tougher than last year. Students lost time due to technical inefficiency and difficulty. Thus overall cut-off is likely to fall by about 3-4 marks.
QA was calculation intensive. Questions were well spread out across topics.
LR was similar to last year. 1 set on sitting arrangement was best left alone.
English was easy however question formation was tricky.
G.K. section had 28 questions from Current Affairs and 22 questions from Static G.K. The questions ranged from moderate to difficult.
Legal was the easiest of all the sections with equal weightage to legal reasoning and legal knowledge.

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  1. The clerks around in our exam center kept on coming and disturbing…. asking same questions several times…. biometrics done….. biometrics done…. infinite times… they were so disturbing especially when you try to go through questions with utmost prudence

  2. The paper was moderate but students complaining 8 10 min loss is nothing new if we look at its history. …we should have accustomed ourselves with tech glitch….there is an unreasonable complain by those students who had never prepared but complaining only to ruin those who have prepared well and must have completed even though there was 10 12 minutes glitch.

  3. Administration people were really inexperienced…. They didn't know the admin login and password for biometric…. I lost 5 mins because when the exam started and questions didn't appear ,more than us the administration people were confused then we ourselves had closed the exam and restarted it. Those people were also so irresponsible that they didn't sign our hall ticket till end. At the end one of the student reminded them.

  4. Had to face severe issues such as response of the ‘next question’ and “tag”. Had to change system thrice during exam. Management knew nothing how to deal with the issues.

  5. does even no coaching Institute take clat seriously . if you look at Career Launcher CAT analyse of paper on YouTube you will realise how smooth it was but with CLAT this Coaching Centre also just do nothing

  6. oh come on..the paper was tough.. that's y people are creating a uproar..let the result come.. it's always the same story.. you don't do.paper well and then you blame administration…

  7. Sir in English section there was find the incorrect sentence/sentences…. And there were more than one sentence wrong in a single question but we were forced to select only one sentence…. There were no groups of sentences which are wrong in the options…. That's what is frustrating

  8. The same thing happened at my centre too. I got my centre at zagdu charitable trusts in Kandivali Mumbai. There was no invigilator in our class till 3:15. We were not provided with water in the classroom. And due to their server issues my exam started at 5:10. I was transferred into a non AC room with pathetic conditions.

  9. They are playing with are future, it was the worst experience i had, Systems were not working, students were shouting in the lab, it was soo difficult for us to concentrate, how can they do this, it was really bad, this is not done, although paper was easy but i know i could have done better if all these technical issues was not had happened,

  10. My experience of CLAT 2018 was extremely bad. My next button wasn't working properly. My computer screen went blank 3-4 times but my timer was still working. Even the cursor wasn't working properly. I never have faced such a situation in my life. Overall my experience was very bad. My center was oriental college, patel Nagar Bhopal. I got very panicky and I couldn't perform well.


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