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Learn common English phrases and expressions which you can speak in daily English conversation in this learn English through Hindi lesson. These common expressions in English are mostly idiom based and usually used by the native English speakers. If you use these English phrases and expressions in your spoken English then people will be impressed.
This learn English through Hindi lesson covers the following English idioms with common phrases and expressions in English with translation and explanation in Hindi and Urdu:
Common expressions in English (Fast track part 1)

1. At the eleventh hour (bilkul aakhir mein)
Why do you always finish your work at the eleventh hour?
I’ll do it at the eleventh hour.

2. Attend to (kaam kerna)
I’ve to attend to an urgent matter.
You should attend to your work.

3. 24/7 / Twenty four seven (Her time)
You can watch my tutorials 24/7 on Youtube.
She takes care of her children twenty four seven.

4. Back on feet (dobara kerhnay hona)
I’ve to get back on my feet.
He got back on his feet.

5. Sleep on it (take your time)
You don’t have to decide right now. Sleep on it.
(I need some time to think) I need to sleep on it. I’ll let you know tomorrow.

6. Hand it over (day doa)
Hand over your papers to me.
Hand over your weapons.

7. I’m broke (mayray pass paisay nahin hain)
Can you pay for me? I’m broke.
I’m literally broke.

8. Sharp (bilkul ussi time per)
We will leave at 8 o’clock sharp!
You should be there at 10 o’clock sharp.

9. Like the back of my hand (bilkul ruta hoa hona)
I know this area like the back of my hand.
I know this market like the back of my hand.

10. Getting me (mayri samjh aana)
Are you getting me?
I’m getting you.

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