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    (1) Current Affairs with PT is your solution for all current affairs learning needs.
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  2. 1. What do you mean by "hyperlocal"?
    2. When was the Himalaya formed? Explain the process of its formation. What type of rock is found on Mount Everest?
    3. What is the official definition of "Shell Company"?
    4. Major peaks of the Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats?
    5. Where is the Nallamala Hill located?
    6. How are the electoral bonds related to the shell companies?
    7. Meaning of oxymoron?
    8. Comment your view on the proposed cadre allotment process of the selected UPSC civil service candidates.
    9. Why do the Southern states saying not to become the "Glorified Municipalities"?
    10. Why do the villagers of remote areas of India want to make their own Republics? Is this the beginning of a second Naxal movement?
    11. Do you think that the collapse of Indian Rupee would be reverse in near future? If yes, why? And if no, then why?

  3. Today's(21st May) Q/A s are.1. What is ‘hyper-local’ in retail aspects? Marrying the convenience of online shopping with the comfort and trust factor of a neighborhood brick-and-mortar store… delay in order fulfillment and dreadful after-sales experience are minimized. Most HYPERLOCAL marketplaces ensure doorstep delivery at a time and a place of consumer’s choosing, usually within the same day.
    2. Why is ‘Buddha Smiling’ during ‘Gajraj/Gajputri’s woes? ‘Buddha Smiling ‘was the code name for Pokhran Tests in 1974.As because another Pokhran may come up if anything untoward happens to them (just kidding…)
    3. Which is the broad Geological period when the Himalayas were born? What was the process & what is so special about Mt.Everest? Upper Cretaceous period about 70 million years ago;inter- continental collision; highest & youngest mountain on Earth & marks the border between Nepal and Tibet,
    4. What’s the official definition of ‘Shell Companies’? A shell company is a company that exists only on paper and has no office and no employees.The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission defines a "shell" company as a publicly held company with no or nominal assets other than money
    5. How are the Electoral Bonds related to ‘Shell Companies’? electoral 'reform has legitimized … shell companies can be used to purchase electoral bond & divert black money.
    6. How many ‘ROC’s’ are there in India? Name some Registrar of Companies? 22 Registrars of Companies ; Sh. S.P Kumar(Maharastra), Sh. R.K.Meena(Rajasthan), Sridhar Parmarthi(Tamil Nadu)
    7. Name some peaks of Eastern/Western Ghats? Jindhagada(E); Anamudi, Mannamala, Meesapulimala,Doddabetta(W)
    8. What is ‘Oxymoron’? a combination of contradictory words (such as cruel kindness)
    9. What is your opinion about ‘Institutional Change’ regarding the services allotment of probationary officers of UPSC ?Nothing..just Wait & Watch
    10. Can you tell me why did a State in South India says ‘please don’t convert us into a glorified Municipality’? “There is a feeling in the south that it is being neglected. Don't force the five south Indian states to declare freedom as a separate country,” – a TDP M.P
    11. ‘Complete Villages have decided to become independent’- Is this the 2nd phase of Naxalite Movement in India? Maybe Yes
    12. Do you think the present collapse of the Indian Rupee will be reverse in the near future? Depends

  4. I strongly believe the changes that are being attempted in the service/cadre policy of civil services are just another example of a so called "Reform" that would do only harm and no good. It is all too subjective and opaque. It will only deteriorate an institutional setup which has been largely good over the course of many decades. Modernisation of the civil services setup may be needed to meet the needs of 21st century India but the way this govt is operating it will only bring more corruption and discretion rather than institutions. And yes of course– unrest among thousands of genuine aspirants who desire to get into the services. We seem to be completely heading for unstable and uncertain policy framework in all major institutions.
    The push towards lateral entry into the civil services is also a development on similar lines. The present government needs to understand that if an institution stands the test of time for such a long time, it has some inherent positives. Else, it would have collapsed under its own contradictions. These also may need some tinkering periodically to suit the present world but turning them upside down without a certain long term vision would do absolutely no good.

  5. Sir can u give another discription for whatsapp…so we can share your daily video from that discription with our study circle whatsapp group..and we can invite other friends from whtsapp from that discription

  6. we 'll pray to god ,your pipeline dream not remain so very long ..ultimately when it will turn fructious …you have potential not just india making great but the whole world vasudev kutumbhkam …already you are doing great work in bits and pieces ,and as you say …small works brings great happiness and open up paths for great work ..i am not saying your works is small materialy but kind of fruits it can bear as a result of this work ,in comparison to that it is small ..thankyou sir padhte rahiye or pdhate rahiye

  7. Oxymoron is type of figure of speech in which same word gives two different meanings.
    It is also known as yamak alankar in Hindi.
    For eg- " kali ghata ka ghamand ghata".
    In the above line ghata ko do bar use kiya gaya h ek baar ghata ka matlab Badal se h aur dusri baar ghata ka matlab ghatna(decrease) se h.

  8. The Village declared itself "An independent republic" may be because of the injustice done with their people by not providing amenities which they had right to, like electricity, education, medical services, employment , safe drinking water and infrastructure. And may also have exploited by police, and other government bodies just like tribes which become naxalites due to the ill behavior done by police.

  9. क़ानून और वकील तो ज़मीन और संपत्ति के बारे में जानते हैं,
    उन्हें क्या पता कि,
    पेड़ों पर पत्ते क्यों आते हैं,
    समुद्र में लहरें क्यों मचलती है,
    मधुमक्खियां शहद क्यों बनाती है,
    घोड़ों के घुटने इतने मुलायम क्यों है,
    सर्दी क्यों आती है और नदियां क्यों जम जाते हैं,
    आस्था दुनियावी चीजों से परे क्यों है,
    और उम्मीद की बीमारी जाती क्यों नहीं
    और परोपकार से बड़ा कुछ नहीं,
    वो ये नहीं समझते.
    –एचडीसी पेपलर

  10. Sir aapne kaha ki agar aap PM hote to……

    But jese ki aapne pehle bataya aapke bohot saare colleagues beaurocracy me achhi posts pr h….

    Kya woh log bhi ye difference nhi laa skte… iam talking about the walmart flipkrt deal…….they would've been completely aware of the consequences…..but frankly maine current affairs ke alawa kahi bhi is topic pr koi khaas debate nhi dekhi


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