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  2. The figure of job generation is not correct…because 4 days ago I read an editorial where it stated that after the GST roll out many people started accepting payments via cheques or directly in bank account who earlier were accepting through cash….now EPFO has data of those people who were already employed but changed the mode of payment….so the data of job generation is inflated….

  3. Sir how you keep yourself calm. When the society is heading towards fake news and hollow nationalism which will have very bad repercussions in future, . We people completely agree to the statements like "2+2=5" on Facebook ,WhatsApp,etc. It annoys me all over days because everywhere in my surroundings people are not talking about development and the reality instead of this they are now labelling who is nationalist or who is anti-nationalist Hindu ,Muslim and totally far from reality image which media throwing at them. Please sir help me.

  4. what exactly is financial inclusion?how do you define a financial inclusion ? what was the financial inclusion in 2014?what is the financial inclusion in 2018 ? has it improved or deteriorated?
    what was banks nationalization?why was it done ? by whom was it done?what was the achievement?
    who is self styled godman ? what do you mean by that term?
    it is not just enough to have tough laws but it is a holistic solution of a sensitive society, tough laws, professional police and a very fast acting judiciary which a can really have a meaningful impact. your views are welcomed on it
    Aadhar should only be used for subsidies which are paid out of the consolidated fund of India.comment
    what exactly is eNAM? what have been the problems faced in implementation of eNAM?
    what are headwinds and tailwinds?
    difference between ingenius, ingenuous, indigenous
    how has America made ZTE extremely vulnerable?
    what is internet maturity?

  5. I am agree with your views….
    At a individual level we have also do some efforts. We have to guide the people about that kind of things. Because the level of crime is increasing day by day with children who even not awar about that sexual offences.
    On daily basis i read and watching the same things happening with child its disturbed me and also the kind of response given by society to make it communal its also make it more dangerous.

  6. The person who claims to be the one who knows about the god or
    style himself as the messenger of god without holding an authorization from any known religious sect is often called as the self styled godman by media.
    This term is quite fascinating.

  7. Financial Inclusion: individuals and businesses have access to useful and affordable financial products and services that meet their needs that are delivered in a responsible and sustainable way

    Nationalization of banks: RBI nationalized 14 banks by passing an ordinance in 1969 , It did not succeed, just like Demonetization, it promised lot of benefits, but resulted in none

    Self styled Godman: Spiritual Gurus who people think are equal to God, many believe that they hold magical properties like healing with them.

    Pour Scorn: to say to another person that they're worth nothing.

    Oil Prices rising: Saudi Arabia is charging more from oil to finance its war and that is why sir had to pay 80 rupee per litre.

    Ingenious: Clever minded person. Sandeep Manudhane sir is Ingenious, he explains complex concepts in a easy to understand and crisp manner.
    Ingenuous: Frank person. People in rural areas are very ingenuous as they have nothing to hide about.
    Ingenious endemic to a region. Kadaknath chicken is ingenious of M.P

    America banned firms from selling parts and software to ZTE, which exacerbated the trade relations between India and China

  8. As u said sir to express our opinion on the condition of children in our society. As per me no strict law can change the world until and unless as a society there is a change. We are reacting towards the situation rather than focusing on the prevention of the such situation.And bringing some fundamental changes in individuals of society in all possible perception be it spiritual or mental attitude towards other lifeforms. I know it's a very time consuming process as such changes can be brought by one individual at a time. We can't change the society as a whole together. As no two humans are similar.

  9. sir you asked for our suggestions for requirement of changes in the formats of show.. I have a request on this.

    Sir can you please update this news pages as "adobe acrobat" file so that we can use our digital dictionary by touching the words. Also it will solve the problem of hazy view of scan shot.

  10. waooo…… sir आनंद ही आ गया आज तो….!

    1. AADHAR development….
    2. TRUMP (building बनाने वाला 😂)

    Note : भारत में Students के लिए International Coverage तो आपसे better कोई नहीं कर सकता….. and TRUMP की coverage तो best है आपकी 😜

  11. sir ek request thi thing can be added in content..jis news article me jis extra input ka use ho jaise kal aapne POCSO ACT ka mention kia aasharam vale case me to POSCO ACT kya h uska content kahi sath me associate kia jaa skta h ..ya to news articles k sath ya pdf more example agar kabhi NASA k koi project ka news aaye to NASA se associated projects ka detail add kia jaa skta hai …becoz aapka jo content hota h vo authentic hota hai kafi..its a humble request if you can…

  12. Thank you so much sir for sharing such a great knowledge.
    and one more thing if some can tell me is that, what is the source of income for social networking sites like whatsapp, facebook etc.

  13. Sorry for being late.The Q/As are 1. What is Financial Inclusion? What is the Financial Inclusion in 2014 & 2018? Has it improved? What was Banks Nationalization, why was it done & by whom? What is its achievement?
    Financial inclusions means where a person can avail the service of any financial institute and can take their products in terms of loan, saving account, fixed account etc.Improved.515 Million Adults Have Opened Accounts Since 2014. In order to open more number of branches and provide credit to economically backward communities, Government of India headed by Late Smt.Indira Gandhi started nationalizing the private sector banks and by virtue of nationalization, the government holding in those banks stood at 51 percent. 14 private sector banks were nationalized on 19.07.1969 and 6 banks were nationalized on 15.04.1980.Achievements- Monopoly Check – Nationalization meant the larger portion of private controlled banks would be controlled by the state and funds reached who were actually in need. Financial accessibility – Another primary agenda was to take the banking into rural areas and villages which were earlier deprived of banking access. The penetration saw geographical expansion of many of the branches into the unbanked areas in the country and led to the financial accessibility to rural people. Financial Awareness – Geographical expansion to rural areas meant wide spread awareness about savings, deposits, lending, borrowing among all sects of the country. Improved regulation –Nationalization meant the government had control over whom to lend money and had kept the eyes on how it was being used by the borrowers. This led to lesser fraudulent behavior.
    2. What is meant by ‘Self-Styled God man’? Godman is a colloquial term used in India for a type of charismatic guru. They usually have a high-profile presence, and are capable of attracting attention and support from large sections of the society.[1] Godmen also sometimes claim to possess paranormal powers, such as the ability to heal, the ability to see or influence future events, and the ability to read minds-Wikipedia…by ‘Self-Styled’ means self-professed.
    3. ‘It is not only Tough Laws we need to have professional police, fast judiciary & sensitive society’-Comment: Otherwise we would be blindly following the Western countries for social stability
    4. ‘Aadhar should be made mandatory for subsidies & voluntary for the rest’ –Comment: A strong data protection law must be enacted and penalties imposed on irresponsible handling and leakage of private data. … We thus have a governance framework that was meant for a voluntary instrument to avail of government entitlements, while Aadhaar itself became effectively a mandatory ID for all Govt. schemes.
    5. ‘pours scorn’-lack of respect accompanied by a feeling of intense dislike; open disrespect; look down with disdain; reject with contempt.
    6.What is e-NAM & what are the problems faced in its implementation? A national e-market platform for transparent sale transactions and price discovery initially in regulated markets. Willing States to accordingly enact suitable provisions in their APMC Act for promotion of e-trading by their State Agricultural Marketing Board/APMC. To implement it, each State has to first amend its APMC Act to make a provision for electronic auction as a mode of price discovery, allow a single licence across the State and have market fees levied at a single point. State agricultural departments have been finding it difficult to convince all stakeholders — farmers, traders and commission agents — to move to the online platform. While traders fear the taxman, farmers fear lower prices if the produce is assayed.Lack of technical expertise at the State Agricultural Departments has also delayed the setting up of grading/assaying facilities, say officials from the mandis.
    7. Comment on ‘rupee crash’ – due to Saudi Prince’s Oil price hike or less oil supply to the outside world
    8. What are ‘Head Winds’ & what are ‘Tail Winds’? Which is good or bad? The term "tailwinds" describes some condition or situation that will help move growth higher. For example … Headwinds in an economic situation represent events or conditions e.g. a credit crisis, rising costs, natural disasters, etc, that slow down the growth of an economy. So headwinds are negative.
    9. What exactly is the difference between 3 words – ingenious- (of a person) clever, original, and inventive; indigenous-originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native and ingenuous- (of a person or action) innocent and unsuspecting?
    10. How has America made vulnerable ZTE of China? The U.S. Department of Commerce has banned American companies from selling components to Chinese telecom equipment maker ZTE Corp for seven years for violating the terms of a sanctions violation case
    11. What is ‘Internet Maturity’? Internet Maturity is a stage of development of a person's understanding of the Internet (World Wide Web) and issues related to it's usage. An Internet mature person can also be called a mature Digital Citizen.



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