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    (1) Current Affairs with PT is your solution for all current affairs learning needs.
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  2. If you're in a fight with a friend and you want to end it, you should make a conciliatory gesture, such as inviting her to a party you're having. Conciliatory describes things that make other people less angry.

    The context is often a situation in which a dispute is settled by compromise. A synonym is propitiatory, though this adjective usually refers to avoiding the anger of someone who has the power to harm

  3. An escrow account is a temporary pass through account held by a third party during the process of a transaction between two parties. This is a temporary account as it operates until the completion of a transaction process, which is implemented after all the conditions between the buyer and the seller are settled.

    Description: In real estate, the fund flows for the development of the project from any source is kept in the escrow account and the funds utilised for the same are also generated from the escrow account. Even the buyers of the housing units in a project transfer the home price to the escrow account and the amount is not transferred to the seller until the project is completed.

    Sometimes the construction linked payments are disbursed to the seller from the escrow account so that the builder has sufficient funds for completion of the project. Sellers also benefit from the prioritization mechanism, also called waterfall mechanism, wherein the priority based payments are made to the concerned parties.

  4. Sir, I believe that I am a responsible citizen of India. I don't know where actually I can question my govt. If you please tell tell me the way I can be a complete responsible citizen of India.

  5. Today's question
    1) consiliatory gesture – आपसी बातचीत से शांति बनाना
    2)स्म्रति ईरानी(सुचना एवं प्रसारण मंत्रालय) recently faced a lot of resistance
    3)आंगनवाड़ी – जिसमें स्वास्थ्य, प्रारम्भिक शिक्षा एवं पोषण प्राप्त होता है। जहां पर महिलाओं एवं बच्चों को पूरक पोषाहार प्रारम्भिक बाल्यावस्था शिक्षा एवं स्वास्थ्य विषयक सेवायें समेकित रूप से दी जाती है।
    5)rubber meet the road -जीवन का वह पड़ाव जहाँ चुनोतियों और परेसानियो का सामना करना पढे
    6)escrow account-builders and customer के बिच होने वाले transection risk को कम करने क लिये बनाया गया account
    7)गगन शक्ति-भारत की सबसे बड़ी घरेलु military exercise (tow front war principal पर काम )
    इसका उद्देश्य servicibility को बढ़ाना है
    8)liquidity driven-it is market ability to purchase and selling assets without drastically change of asset price
    9)border road organization is construct a road in india
    10) If a robot comes in to do the same thing, you’d think we would tax the robot at a similar level
    11)blockchain technology-यह एक ईएसआई टेक्नोलॉजी है जिससे हम digital technology के तहत किसी भी चीज को digital बनाकर उसका record रख सकते है।लोगो को मिलने वाली जरुरी चीजे इसी technology से दी जाती है।इसका नाम बासाम रखा गया है जिसका अर्थ होता है "one who smile"
    इसका उपयोग हम कई जगहों पर कर सकते है जैसे primary education ,tribal areas, medical area, ngo's, orphans, hermitage etc
    12)salami slicing- चीन द्वारा भारत को टुकड़ो में बाटकर अपना land area बढ़ाना(किसी काम को टुकड़ो में बाटकर काम आसान करना)

  6. Today I received i whats app forwarded msg that UNESCO has declared our national anthem "Jana Gana Mana" as the best anthem of the world.
    When i said the sender that it's a fake news he started calling me anti-Indian.
    What to do with such people! !!!

  7. Salami tactics, also known as thesalami-slice strategy or salamiattacks, is a divide and conquer process of threats and alliances used to overcome opposition. With it, an aggressor can influence and eventually dominate a landscape, typically political, piece by piece.

  8. Conciliatory gesture: a gesture aimed at calming down a situation.
    N Korea has denuclearized itself as a conciliatory measure against America

    Rationale: the basic or underlying reason of something

    Aanganwadi is a organ of Ministry of Women and Child Development which aim at services to to combat child hunger and malnutrition.
    Minister facing resistance: Is it the Law Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad over the collegium system? I am not sure, someone please give answer in comments

    Where the rubber meets the road: The practical reality of a situation. .

    Escrow account: A third party bank account where the funds of the buyer of a property are transferred and it is transferred to the seller when the project is completed.

    Brazil aviation company: Embraer

    Gagan Shakti: A massive air exercise held by the airforce over the borders of Pakistan and China to prepare itself for a 'two front' war, i.e invasion on India by both Pakistan and China at the same time.

    Salami Slicing tactic: A technique by which the size is gradually reduced by a series of small, incremental steps.

    F-16: Plane brought by India from the U.S

    Border Road Organisation builds the roads on the borders.

    Bill gates mentioned that since human employees pay tax on the income they earn, then the robots too should pay taxes to maintain the rate of income tax.

    Liquidity Driven Equity Rally: This was hard to find…..but one explanation could be that it is an investment strategy that involves buying shares because the central banks are injecting huge liquidity in the market…it is of a short term nature.

    Flipkart: Sachin and Binny Bansal

    Heaven vs Haven: Heaven means paradise (swarg) whereas haven means a place of safety

  9. China and India

    This formula reminds us of the threat that India may face…India needs to focus more on soft power strategies. Through ur sessions Sir, What I understand from the above formula is that China is Militarily,Technologically , Economically growing stronger. It is just one step back due to its failure on Financial domination(Currency)…It's support to Pakistan Militarily and Economically through CPEC may bring domination in Asia…..Though, India have tried to counter this through Raisina Dialogue, Quadrilateral strategy with Japan, Australia and US; there's a lot to go…..The way China developed SCO to counter NATO, India must also Start developing a Global platform which not only would ensure Military counter support against threats but also develop us Economically, Technologically and Militarily…….Hope this becomes a Dreams !


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