Daily News Simplified 18-06-18 (The Hindu Newspaper – Current Affairs – Analysis for UPSC/IAS Exam) - Videos



Presented by: Mr. Mangal Singh, Rau’s IAS Study Circle

News Covered Today:

1. IRNSS – prelims 2018 question(DNS & Focus Magazine)
2. CWMI index analysis
3. Marginal Cost of funds based Lending Rate
4. Broad Based Trade & Investment Agreement
5. National Health Protection scheme
6. Dhanush Artillery Gun

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  1. Sir just copy and paste of The Hindu articles matter is not useful
    Please make it with simple terms rather than using flowery language (as given in the news paper) so that it'll be helpful to understand concepts well and easy to remember 🙂

    Answer: 1)B 2)A

  2. Hello Sir,
    Isn't National health protection scheme(NHPS) a sub-part of Ayushman Bharat?
    Ayushman Bharat has 2 initiaves –
    1. setting up health and wellness centres => for primary health care
    2. NHPS = for secondary and tertiary health care.
    Then Ayushman Bharat provides for primary, secondary and tertiary health care.
    But you have mentioned that Ayushman bharat is National health protection scheme and it provides only secondary and tertiary care.
    Please clarify this issue.

  3. Sir please keep uploading such videos …they r really helpful… newspaper analysis ke liye Me or bhi uploaders ko follow krta hu jese unacademy, vision ias and study iq education etc but un me wo baat ni h Jo aap me h… Apke videos me bht h relevant information milti h… So all the best and keep doing it…

  4. Hi sir as per the DNS "ayushman" it is also know as the national helth coverage…
    But the ans in next DNS is D where it states that its not a universal health scheme of india. I m bit confused. Can you help me to get out of it.


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