Daily The Hindu Vocabulary with Tricks (5th April, 2018) | Day- 403 - Videos


8:30 AM – Daily The Hindu Vocabulary with Tricks (5th April, 2018) | Day- 403

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—– Morning Shows —–
8 AM – Current Affairs Show by Bhunesh Sir
8:30 AM – Vocabulary Show by Bhunesh Sir
9 AM – The Hindu Editorial Show by Ram Sir

—– अब CGL/CPO दूर नहीं——
10 AM – GK ज्ञान by Bhunesh Sir
12 PM – English Dose by Harsh Sir
2 PM – Reasoning मंत्रा by Sahil Sir
4 PM – Maths मंथन by Naman Sir

—– अब Railway दूर नहीं (RRB ALP/Group D) ——
8 AM – Current Affairs by Bhunesh Sir
9 AM – General Science by Vivek Sir
5 PM – Maths by Sahil Sir
6 PM – Reasoning by Hitesh Sir

—– अबकी बार SBI पार ——
11 AM – Maths Magic by Sahil Sir
1 PM – English Dose by Sanjeev Sir
3 PM – Reasoning मंत्रा by Hitesh Sir

—– अब वर्दी दूर नहीं (UP Police 2018)——
7 PM – Maths मंथन by Naman Sir
8 PM – सामान्य ज्ञान एवं हिंदी by Vivek Sir
9 PM – Reasoning मंत्रा by Hitesh Sir

—– Rajasthan GK —-
3 PM – Rajasthan History by Praveen Sir

—– Defence Special ——
10 PM – NDA by Vivek Sir

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  1. At the INFANCY the SMUGGLER was EMPHERMALLY TITILLATE of BOSTION ON THE FACE OF IT and DIMINUTION and JOLTS of his rival but soon OMINOUS situation came and LYNCHED at bus stop

  2. Facebook is a bastion plateform in which people titillate for chatting & for other things but it found that On the face of it, the smuggling of data leak in infancy, big jolt & ominous for Facebook & not for ephemeral In which the security system of Facebook dominated & lynched by number of people.

  3. In the crisis of unemployment our infant youth are jolted into smuggling and other ominous crimes for their ephemeral needs. On the face of it, such titilates should be lynched and diminuated because they are bastion to the youth's moral development.

  4. A woman,in her INFANCY, was trying to SMUGGLE drugs, went to airport. She was afraid of being caught but no one doubted her which made her TITILLATED as she thought to be BASTIONED but her happiness was DIMINUTED and EPHEMERAL as an IB Officer caught her.This JOLTED her and made her to think OMINOUS.ON THE FACE OF IT, she could be LYNCHED.

  5. The smuggler TITILLATED a teenager to SMUGGLE. In the INFANCY teenager opted this OMINOUS profession ON THE FACE OF IT. When his parents were aware of this fact,they were JOLTED and tried to provide BASTION for the DIMINUTION of this addiction which will EPHEMERAL. They had a fear of LYNCH in their mind.


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