Dino-Bird Tutorial – Rigging the Main Body Parts (3ds Max CAT) - Videos


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The Dino-Bird Model was rendered and created by Oscar Iván Jiménez from Columbia: https://www.artstation.com/evil3d

Download the Prehistoric Dinosaur Bird model for free here: https://www.miloscerny.com/download-dino-bird

This is another complex rigging tutorial, showing the whole process from start to finish. In this video we focus just on the main body parts rig.
The rigging is again done in 3ds Max CAT (Character Animation Toolkit) animation system. If you want to learn more about CAT check some of my other videos. This whole channel is mainly dedicated to CAT animation system.

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  1. Screen capture quality of this video is a bit lower (especially during camera rotation). That's because I have used a different software for capturing and realized that the quality is worse only after the capturing was done.
    So I hope you can survive this one, it will be back to the regular quality videos again after this one.

  2. Why cannot 3ds max have presets for all animals and you just control them walking jumping etc on different terrains like in the game. Do you know plugins that can do it? Thanks. .

  3. I subscribed recently and I think this is the best channel I´ve seen about cat animation and I really like it. I´m interesting overall animation videos. It would be great a curves editor tutorial. Thank you very much and keep it up 😉

  4. Hey Milos! Thanks so much for your tutorials, I've been animating stuff with the biped for 3 years in college and you and CAT changed my life Hahahaha.

    I'd like to ask you how rigs are made for squashing and stretching with CAT.


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