Editorial Analysis, Summary, and Expected MCQs: The Hindu – January 14 {UPSC CSE/IAS, SSC CGL/CHSL} - Videos


14th of January: Everything about today’s news and current affairs put together in one lesson. The editorial analysis of The Hindu and other major newspapers, summary of The Hindu, and expected MCQs based on today’s current affairs for your practice. All you need to do is to watch this lesson and you will be done with studying current affairs for today.

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  1. Sir thku soo much for ur effort for us.. Sir plz this request from my side.. Plz speak little bit slow.. We r unable to match up bullet points. Bcoz u explain soo fast.. Plz sir from next video try to go little bit slow.

  2. two suggestions and requests,

    I think newspaper review needs to be slow .. I stopped seeing the summary video as it was too quick.
    may be u can increase the number of mcq from different sources. also it would be nice if u can present us with bi monthly mock test


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