Emily’s Practical Driving Test Experience – The New Driving Test - Videos



A short video of Emily sharing her experience after taking the new practical driving test.
The new driving test started on the 4th of December. Emily had her practical driving test booked for the following day on the 5th of December.
Emily talks about the new forward bay park manoeuvre, following the sat nav and other things that happened during her driving test.

You can watch our video which explains all the driving test changes by clicking the link below:




  1. Thanks for the video. You didn't mention what question she was asked to do whilst driving? I suppose the biggest thing to think about is doing it without taking your eyes off the road and hands off the wheel. My driving instructor said you could be asked to open the window. Also at what point was she asked to do this? Thanks

  2. Yes I'm worried if it snows. I've got my test booked for 12.38pm so hopefully not too bad a time should be thawed out a bit by then. Only concern was that in the winter the sun is lower in the sky and can be gleary. Someone mentioned I could wear sunglasses if you feel this takes it away.


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