FIFA World Cup 2018 questions in Hindi, Current affairs July 2018 for Railway,SSC,UPSC Exam - Videos


FIFA World Cup 2018 questions in Hindi, Current affairs 18 July 2018 for Government exam Railway,SSC,UPSC, Police Exam state exam

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  1. FIFA Ranking July 2018,my opinion

    20. Netherlands (451)
    19. Wales (457)
    18. Sweden (460)
    17. Columbia (471)
    16. England (480)
    15. Italy (496)
    14. Denmark (501)
    13. Peru (507)
    12. Uruguay (513)
    11. Poland (530)
    10. Switzerland (538)
    9. Russia (563)
    8. Spain (571)
    7. Croatia (583)
    6. Argentina (590)
    5. Portugal (600)
    4. Brazil (603)
    3. Germany (617)
    2. Belgium (620)
    1. France (631)

    Actually suprised why i did not put Uruguay 11. Columbia is i wasn't suprised with their game. Russia and Spain actually i choose Spain because Russia is just waiting mistakes and Spain plays world-class style. The reason Croatia is 7th,Spain 8th because we have medals and:

    CRO 2-0 NIG
    ARG 0-3 CRO
    ISL 1-2 CRO

    9 points

    POR 3-3 ESP
    IRN 0-1 ESP
    ESP 2-2 MOR

    5 points

    CRO 1-1 DEN (3-2)
    RUS 2-2 CRO (3-4)
    CRO 2-1 ENG

    ESP 1-1 RUS (2-4)


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