From V19 to V38 and GMAT – Nihil’s complete debrief - Videos


Learn how Nikhil improved from V19 (19 percentile) to V38 (85 percentile) over three attempts. Nikhil articulates his struggles during his three attempts, outlining what worked for him and how was he able to finally improve to V38. Click here to get free access to the study material used by Nikhil for his GMAT preparation

Key highlights of Nikhil’s de-brief:
0:49 – What didn’t work in the first attempt
4:12 – GMAT club success stories worked as huge motivators
17:58 – Preparation methodology for the second attempt
32:10 – Approach towards SC and CR questions before e-GMAT
39:45 – Overcoming the Verbal score plateau
48:38 – Personalized study plan that provided a structure



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