GMAT 750 (Q49, V44) and admit from Wharton – Leonardo’s success story - Videos


After having been rejected by MIT in R1 (due to low GMAT score), Leonardo improved his score to 750 with strategic planning. His improved score helped him get an admit from Wharton, Tepper, and GSB Chicago in Round 2. Check out the preparation resources used by Leonardo here

Key highlights from his interview:

3:20 – Overcoming weakness: GMAT SC

4:20 – Changes that led too improvement in Quant score

5:20 – Practice questions: best way to rectify mistakes

6:43 – Balancing 60 hours work and study

9:12 – Taking advantage of Scholaranium

9:53 – Simulating exam conditions

14:42 – How Applicant Lab helped with applications

18:57 – Why e-GMAT was the best option

21:51 – Tips for application



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