GRE High Frequency Words (1 to 5) Using Mnemonics (Memory Aids) - Videos


This video is first part in a series of High Frequency Words Video using Mnemonics.

Mnemonics used in this video series relates words to funny, crazy situations. In this way the word gets a pictorial story to relate with.

The words covered are :
1. Abate

Mnemonic Meaning : The fishes are getting Less Bait. So this can be linked to Abate which means to become less in quantity or intensity

2. Chicanery

Mnemonic Meaning : The Chicken is a fraud. So this can be linked to Chicanery which means to use deceive

3. Disseminate

Mnemonic Meaning : This (Dis) Seminar can be linked to Dissemination of information. Dissemination means to spread.

4. Gainsay

Mnemonic Meaning : Grains and Gains sound the same. Some Say Grains cause weight Gain. I Gainsay this claim. Gainsay means to challenge.

5. Latent

Mnemonic Meaning : Latent can be rearranged to spell Talent. As the Ant got Late it’s Talent remained Latent as it was denied entry into Talent Show where it could have shown it’s Talent. Latent means something which is not easily expressed.



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