GRE Math | Expert Guide to a Perfect 170 | Strategies & Tips - Videos


Here’s a fact you might not have known.
Only ~3% of all GRE test-takers score a perfect 170 in the Quant section.

Now, that’s shocking right?
I mean, GRE Quant is supposed to be the EASIER section.

So what’s going wrong here?

Well, we did a little investigating and we realized most students make the same mistakes on the day of the GRE..

These mistakes end up costing them valuable points and even a shot at their dream university!

Here’s what we will be sharing with you during the webinar:

– Most commonly made mistakes AND more importantly, how to avoid them
– Frequently asked questions on the GRE
– Essential strategies you NEED to know as explained by an expert

.. & of course, there’s going to be more.



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