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At GREedge, we track a lot of data about a student and the way they prepare.
In fact we track every millisecond to ensure every student gets the most personalized GRE training ever!
And today, we’re going to share the actual data from students who have scored a perfect 170 in GRE Quant (GRE Math) and tell you exactly what mistakes you should watch out for!
Let’s get started!

Before we dive right into the common mistakes….
A lot of students who start their GRE preparation assuming a few things about scoring a perfect 170 in GRE Quant (GRE Math)
MYTH: Students who score 170/170 in GRE Quant (GRE Math) tend to practice more! Absolutely FALSE! In fact, let’s take a closer look at how exactly 170 GRE Quant (GRE Math) Scorers at GREedge prepared for GRE…
As you can see, on average a 170/170 GRE Quant (GRE Math)scorer spends a whopping
60% Of his/her preparation time learning concepts, techniques & formulae!
Just like how a building is only as strong as its foundation,
your Quant score also depends on your fundamentals heavily.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s quickly brush up on what the GRE Quant (GRE Math) syllabus is exactly. As you know, the Quantitative Reasoning section of the GRE tests your high school mathematics – primarily topics from your 8th, 9th & 10th!While ETS defines 4 major sections for GRE Quant (GRE Math),
For better understanding, we classify the same sub-topics into 6 sections based on the concepts it tests.

So, the topics are:
Algebra,Arithmetic Geometry Data Interpretation Data Analysis and, Applied MathematicsAnd, the different types of GRE Quant questions (GRE Math Questions) that you can expect are:

Alright, let’s get down to business.
We already know that a perfect GRE Quant (GRE Math) 170 scorer spends his/her time learning, but learning what?
Take a look at the average time spent per module.
You will find that, on average the students spend quite a lot of time three main topics:

Applied mathematics – which includes topics like Speed, Time, Distance, Work, Venn Diagrams etc And, Data Analysis.
Compare this time graph to the question wise distribution from each of these topics? In a section consisting 20 questions, Module No. of questions you can expectDifficultyPriorityArithmetic & Algebra6-8Easy-Medium4Geometry6-8Medium-High1Data Interpretation3-5
Medium-High3Data Analysis and Applied Mathematics2-4Medium-High
2Though Algebra & Arithmetic are higher in volume, the difficulty level of questions is higher in the last three topics. That’s why students who score a 170/170 in GRE Quant (GRE Math) prefer to master these topics!

GREedge Pro Tip: If you’re just starting your preparation and you find yourself falling short of a perfect 170 IN GRE Quant (GRE Math) by 15 points or more, then strengthen your basics first. Work on topics that produce a higher volume of questions in the GRE like Algebra, Arithmetic & Geometry before moving onto Data Interpretation & Applied Maths.

Number 2: Falling prey to trick questions!
Rather than telling you what this is, let me show you what I mean!
While the question looks fairly simple,
if you’re not thorough with the rules of the mod operator, you might be in trouble!
Since the question states that x cannot be zero, we know that x has to be a positive or a negative number
We also know |-2| is equal to 2.
So, we’re basically comparing, |x| + 2 with |x – 2|
If we substitute |x| with 1,
then LHS = 1+2=3
And RHS = |1-2| = 1
But before you run off and mark the answer as option A
Let’s try one more value and this time, a negative one.
If we substitute |x| with -1,
Then LHS = -1+2 = 1
And RHS = |-1-2| = 3
So, clearly the answer cannot be determined just on the basis of the given data and the right answer is actually Option D!

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