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GRE is not an easy exam to crack, it takes time to come up with a strategy to prepare for it. It will take you a few trial and errors to find that strategy to crack it and it will consume a lot of your time. And time is a luxury most of us don’t have, it slipping from our hands as you read this. We understand the value of time and hence we have contacted the GRE toppers and curated their interviews.
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Jeevesh Narang from NSIT, pursuing his fourth year in Computer science engineering gave his GRE in the third year and scored a 329 with 169 in quant, 160 in verbal and 4.0 in AWA.
He prepared from MJA Choachong
For those who are not familiar with the GRE exam, it has three major sections: Analytical writing(has two sections), Verbal reasoning (has two sections) and Quantitative Reasoning (has two sections).
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Analytical writing or AWA has two sections, “analyze an issue” and “analyze an argument”. He advises you to practice a lot and read the questions carefully cause once you are halfway through your essay you can’t really change anything. So, once you are clear about everything only then start writing. Focus on the spellings, if you misspell words in your AWA, that would be a negative mark for you. Also, don’t get too emotional with the essay and write what is easy to write and don’t try to prove a point just because your emotional compass points towards it.

Quantitative Reasoning, popularly known as Quant is an easy section but don’t take it lightly. Don’t make silly mistakes, you need to score more than 169-170 anything less than that will not help you in GRE. It is a scoring section but you need to focus on it as well, to score well make a schedule, do 20-40 questions each day that would put you in a habit of solving questions quickly and also give you an idea of how the questions are.

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Verbal reasoning commonly known as verbal has two parts RC and TCSC. Being an engineer he focused more the verbal section. There’s a myth that vocab is not important but if you want to score a 310 its fine but if you want to score above 325 or 330 you need to ace the verbal section for which your vocab should be strong enough. You at least should have 2200 words on your tips.When it comes to RC they are not really simple ones, they are really tricky and you need to read them carefully. You can’t just skim through them and go to the questions to answer them.You need to read each and every line because there might be something hidden and you might totally miss out on that detail.This can change the whole perspective. All the answer choices will seem very relatable at first but you need to eliminate the wrong choice using some techniques.You might get a 400 word RC and just two questions and a 100 word RC with 4 questions, so the section is really unpredictable in that sense.So, you need to practice a lot to eliminate the element of surprise and tackle all types of RCs.TCSC is a scoring section with a straightforward method of scoring, if you know the vocab you can ace it, otherwise you are gonna lose points.

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